Making a website work.

I’d love to pretend that making a website is an easy process, and that it comes natural to everybody but the truth is, like pulling off a wedding, there’s a lot of moving parts and I’ve come up with a project management style that I’ve learnt helps both me, and you, ensure a great website in the fastest time possible.

Let’s start with some basics like honesty and openness. I promise you that if I can’t do it, you’ll be the first to know, and that if I can’t find you the right person to do it (to the quality you’d expect from me), you’ll know that too.

Communication, openness, responsiveness, and clarity, even if we don’t like what is being said .. I promise.

Six stages to an amazing website project

Defining the project

During the initial project planning and discover phases, we’ll go through your ideal website, as well as define your realistic expectations for both time and costs. Taking the steps to create a roadmap to success, from a basic sitemap to an analysis of your competition, we will work together to create an understanding of how to make your website a success.

The creative process

As soon as we know what it’ll take for your website to be amazing, we can begin working on how it should look. This process includes creating wireframe documents and design prototypes for a mobile first approach to design as we iterate though, and eventually reach, a great design that speaks to your business identity.

Creating content for your business

The creative process isn’t just about how your website looks, it helps us create a blueprint for the content you’ll need to be successful on your final site. From content writing and graphics, to photography, models, video, and document downloads.

We work together to get a complete list, an inventory, and divide those tasks among the best people possible to ensure each is delivered in a timely way.

Application development

This is where we turn the polished mockups and artwork we created during the design phase into a functioning website, first for mobile devices and tablet computers, then for desktop and other screens.

If working with clients for 20 years has taught me anything, it’s that the development phase of a project is the most frustrating portion for non technical users. It’s a mystery box that seems to go on forever, and progress often feels like it’s two steps forward, and one step back. I do my best to overcome that with weekly updates, real time progress reporting tools, ongoing status updates and sticking to the schedule we agreed to.

Delivering your website

Once your website is ready to go, I’ll carefully review the website with you to ensure it’s performing properly, install it on your hosting environment, setup the connections to external tools, and most importantly … train you.

I hold myself to a high standard when it comes to the websites that I build, not because it’s particularly difficult to build great websites (anybody can do it with the right training and time) but because I understand that technology is a hurdle for many business owners, and so I sincerely believe that a successful websites isn’t just a great looking one, it’s one that you, my client, are happy to update and manage.

Maintaining and supporting your website

Once your website goes live, we’ll continue working together for the next several months to ensure you and your business are gaining positive feedback from your website. We’ll test minor changes throughout that time to boost your marketing, try new forms, and ensure that you, and your business are benefitting from the website the best way possible.

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How to reach me

My name is Christopher Ross, I’m a website designer located in St. Catharines, Ontario. If you’re looking for a quote on your next website project, feel free to contact me at:
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