Using WordPress with LinkedIn and developing custom themes.

A look at the web of WordPress for 29th of October including new themes and a cool plugin for LinkedIn.

If you’re not already using LinkedIn, you should take a look at the business networking tool. LinkedIn is a cross between Facebook and Monster, a social networking web site designed to help build your professional career and maintain professional contacts. You can even using the WordPress for LinkedIn plugin to automatically your profile with the latest posts from WordPress.

There’s an interesting comparison of WordPress vs. MovableType with an interview featuring Matt Mullenweg, the article takes a good look at using MovableType for larger web sites. Remember if you’re using WordPress for large volume web sites you’ll definitely want to read my piece on speeding up WordPress.

There’s a lot of theme reviews done with an eye for design but I really enjoyed themes for developers which takes a look at some themes with more power and a developer focus. Speaking of themes, there’s a great 10 step guide for improving your own WordPress install, it goes over the process of how to improve your WordPress site in the most basic terms for new users. Lunarpages announced their WordPress theme winners today, there’s a lot of great looking work so check them out this morning but if you’d rather develop one for youself there’s a great tutorial for you at developing a WordPress theme from scratch as well as an interesting review of Artisteer.

Usability is a huge part of my consulting business and WordPress just released a study of their own at Usability Testing Report that takes a look at why the admin for WordPress took on such a major revamp.

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