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If you’re looking to increase your website’s visibility in the Chinese market, optimizing for Baidu is an absolute must. With over 70% of the search engine market share in the country, Baidu is.

Baidu is one of the most widely used search engines in China and is the go-to search engine for many Chinese consumers. Having a presence on Baidu is important for businesses looking to target Chinese consumers. Baidu can help your business grow by providing access to potential customers, increasing brand visibility and improving your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

One of the key benefits of using Baidu is that it can help you reach potential customers. Baidu uses natural language processing and machine learning to better understand search queries and provides relevant results for users. This makes it an ideal platform for businesses to advertise their products and services. Additionally, Baidu offers a variety of advertising solutions, including PPC, display advertising, and contextual targeting.

Using Baidu can also help you increase your brand visibility. Baidu has a large user base, meaning that having a presence on the platform can help you reach a wider audience. Additionally, Baidu offers a variety of features that can help you build a strong online presence. This includes creating a Baidu profile page, using Baidu Maps, and integrating with other Baidu services such as Baidu Baike, Baidu Zhidao, and Baidu Tieba.

How to use Baidu to build your business

  • Establish a presence on Baidu: It is important to create a presence on Baidu, China’s largest search engine, by registering an account and setting up a profile. This will allow customers to find and learn more about your business.
  • Advertise on Baidu: Baidu offers a variety of advertising services that can help businesses reach Chinese customers. Baidu Ads can be targeted to specific audiences and used to promote products and services.
  • Utilize Baidu’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features: Baidu has a number of features that can help businesses optimize their website for search engine results. These features can help businesses increase their visibility on Baidu’s search engine and reach more customers.
  • Utilize Baidu Maps: Baidu Maps can be used to promote a business’s location and attract customers. Businesses can also use Baidu Maps to track customer visits and analyze customer behavior.
  • Leverage Baidu’s social media features: Baidu has a variety of social media features that can be used to engage with customers and build brand awareness. Businesses can use Baidu’s social media tools to post content, participate in conversations, and monitor customer sentiment.
  • Develop a mobile strategy: Mobile usage is increasing in China, so it is important to develop a mobile strategy to reach Chinese customers. Businesses can use Baidu’s mobile services, such as Baidu App and Baidu Mobile, to reach more customers.
  • Track performance: It is important to track the performance of your Baidu campaigns and make adjustments as needed. Baidu provides analytics tools that can be used to track key metrics and optimize campaigns for success.

Using Baidu can help you improve your SEO efforts. Baidu’s algorithms place a strong emphasis on quality content and user experience. As such, having a presence on Baidu can help you rank higher in Baidu’s search results and increase organic traffic to your website. Additionally, Baidu offers tools such as Baidu Webmaster Tools that can help you optimize your website for better search engine rankings.

How to get noticed on Baidu

  1. Submit your website to Baidu.
  2. Make sure your website is optimized for Baidu search by using keywords, anchor text, and meta tags.
  3. Use Baidu search ads to target specific keywords and get more visibility.
  4. Make sure your website content is fresh and up-to-date.
  5. Create a Chinese version of your website.
  6. Create a Chinese social media presence.
  7. Leverage Baidu’s “Knowledge Graph” to increase visibility.
  8. Optimize your images with alt-text and captions.
  9. Participate in Baidu’s forums and blog networks.
  10. Leverage Baidu’s “PPC” advertising platform.

Alternatives to Baidu

Sogou: Sogou is another Chinese search engine that has a similar market share to Baidu and a very similar search interface. It is a major competitor to Baidu in the Chinese search engine market.

360 Search: 360 Search is a Chinese search engine operated by the Qihoo 360 technology company. It is a major competitor to Baidu and has a smaller market share than Baidu but is growing in popularity.

Shenma: Shenma is a mobile search engine owned by Alibaba Group. It is the second largest search engine in China, with around 20% market share.

Soso: Soso is a search engine owned by Tencent and is the third largest search engine in China.

Bing: Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and is available in China and is growing in popularity.

Google: Google is available in China, but its market share is very small due to the Chinese government’s restrictions on its services.


Building a business with Baidu can be a great way to introduce your brand and products to the Chinese market. Baidu is the largest search engine in China and provides a range of services, from advertising and marketing to analytics and SEO. By leveraging these services, you can build a successful business in the Chinese market. With Baidu, you can target your audience with effective ads, track your performance with comprehensive analytics, and drive organic traffic through SEO and content marketing. Additionally, Baidu offers a variety of tools to help you manage your campaigns and optimize your marketing strategy. With the right approach and dedication, Baidu can be a powerful tool to help you grow your business in the Chinese market.