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Baidu is the world’s eighth largest internet company and one of the largest search engine companies in the world. Creating a free account will give you access to a whole new market.

1. Establish a presence on Baidu: Establish a presence on Baidu by creating a business page and by advertising on the platform. Leverage Baidu’s advertising platform to reach potential customers.

2. Develop a comprehensive content strategy: Create content in Chinese that is targeted to potential customers in China. Focus on high-quality content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to the target audience.

3. Create a Baidu account: Create a Baidu account that is easy to find and understand. Make sure to include all relevant information about the company and its products/services.

4. Optimize the account for search: Optimize the Baidu account for search by using relevant keywords in the profile and content. Utilize Baidu’s SEO tools and analytics to monitor the performance of the account and make adjustments as needed.

5. Create an effective customer service strategy: Develop a comprehensive customer service strategy to ensure that customers have a positive experience with the Baidu account. Make sure to respond to customer inquiries quickly and effectively.

6. Leverage Baidu’s social media tools: Utilize Baidu’s social media tools to engage with customers and build relationships. Use the tools to post content, answer questions, and create conversations.

7. Monitor and analyze performance: Monitor and analyze the performance of the Baidu account to identify areas of improvement and make changes as needed. Utilize Baidu’s analytics tools to track and measure performance.