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YouTube marketing slideshow.


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Make the Most of YouTube Marketing with these 47 Great Ideas.

Use the power of YouTube marketing to get your business noticed with awesome videos!

Make sure YouTube is on your

Link your YouTube profile on your profile.

Post your YouTube link on Bing's Webmaster Tools.

Add your YouTube video channel to Bing with their Webmaster Tools.

Update your YouTube profile.

Update your YouTube settings and profile.

Verify your YouTube account.

Verify your YouTube account.

Share your YouTube videos to Digg.

Share your YouTube videos to Pinterest.

Share your YouTube videos to StumbleUpon.

Share your YouTube videos to Instagram.

Share your YouTube videos to Instructables.

Share your YouTube videos to your newsletter.

Share your YouTube videos to Google+.

Share your YouTube videos to your website.

Share your YouTube videos to Vimeo.

Share your YouTube videos to Facebook.

Share your YouTube videos to Twitter.

Share your YouTube videos to Tumblr.

Automate your YouTube with IFTTT.

Once you've connected your IFTTT account to YouTube, be sure to take advantage of some of the great triggers that'll help you automate your social media.

Create a video blog (vlog).

Create an event video for your company.

Create a product demonstration video.

Product demo videos a great way to show off your product. They'll also boost your SEO ranking, build your authority, and help your customer understand how your product can help them.

Create a tutorial video for your industry.

Create an interview video.

You can generate your own publicity by creating high-quality interview videos with clients, others in your industry, partners and more! In this task, we have tips on planning, editing and shooting your video.

Create a product review video.

Ever bought a fantastic new gadget and got so excited you wanted to tell all your friends about it? Or, maybe you had a so-so experience and have a lot of thoughts on what you love about your gear, and what could be improved. If this is you, it's time to put those thoughts into a product review video.

Schedule a YouTube live video.

Create a Playlist for your YouTube Channel.

Playlists are a little like bookmarks, allowing visitors to your Channel to view whole collections of subjects all in one place.

Setup your community and comment settings for YouTube.

Do you want to allow comments on your YouTube channel, moderated or otherwise? Here's where you can set that up before you begin posting videos.

Set up your Advanced settings for your YouTube Channel.

Your YouTube Advanced settings have a lot of meaty options to verify before you worry about launching a successful channel on YouTube so be sure to verify each setting.

Set up your YouTube upload default settings.

Use your default upload settings to set preferences for language, privacy, comments, category, titles and tags, and more.

Set up your account features for YouTube.

Learn about all the features of your channel, from live streaming to monetization, memberships, custom URLs and thumbnails, channel memberships, and much more.

Create a personal channel on YouTube.

Creating a personal YouTube channel is super easy, but it's the first step to creating a business brand for your company.

Add YouTube to Tumblr.

Set up a Tumblr Theme.

Selecting a theme or creating a custom theme should be your next step to market yourself on Tumblr.

Build a user-friendly channel layout.

Change your colour scheme, CTAs and value proposition to match your website, and organize your videos into sections.

Update your YouTube channel icon and channel art.

Your default icon comes from your Google account, but you can change it to a professional looking headshot (800 x 800 px).

Download and install the YouTube app on your device.

Need to upload or watch your video on the go? Download the YouTube app to have all the features at your fingertips.

Add an engaging welcome video.

Whether you’re looking to share a few quick how-to tips or a behind the scenes peek at your company, uploading a high-quality video is your first step.

Create a YouTube Brand Account.

Brands, businesses and avid viewers love YouTube - it has over a billion users! Get yourself a Brand Account (which can have multiple owners who manage it).

Create a Google account.

Because YouTube is now owned by Google, you’ll need a Google account to set up your channel. Head over to and click the Sign In button to get started.

Search for local businesses and follow them.

Once a week, search for local businesses and follow them. They'll likely follow back.

Add a logo to your YouTube videos.

Add a branding logo to your YouTube video uploads to burn a logo over top of your uploads.

Review your YouTube features regularly.

Look at the features available for your channel on YouTube and see if you're eligible for anything new like a custom URL or better chat tools.

Apply to Monetize your YouTube content with AdSense.

If you're planning to upload content to YouTube, connect your AdSense account to make money off your videos.

Create a YouTube account.

Create a YouTube account to share some work, and to interact with people on the popular video-sharing site.

Connect Vimeo to your YouTube account.

Connect YouTube and Vimeo to share videos across the two popular social sharing sites.

Add YouTube to IFTTT.

Want to trigger a tweet everytime you like a YouTube video? How about creating a list from new uploads? IFTTT has your back.

Share YouTube videos on LinkedIn.

Share videos from your YouTube account to LinkedIn, whether they're your own or someone else's. Grow your audience on LinkedIn by sharing videos via your status, a Pulse post or on your profile.


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