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Websites marketing slideshow.


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Websites Marketing Ideas for your Small Business to make the most of 2019.

Websites marketing list of 39 great ideas to help you market your website and turn your business into a success!

Run the Bing SEO checker on your site today.

Bing has a free SEO diagnoses tool built into their webmaster tools, be sure to run it on your site once a month to test for problems.

Tell Bing when to crawl your site.

With Bing's crawl controls, you can ask the search engine spiders to crawl your site in the off-hours to minimize the impact on your server speed.

Make sure WordPress is on your

Link your WordPress profile on your profile.

Validate your structured data on a few pages.

Remember to check up on your structured data to ensure your site is meeting the lastest standards.

Test your robot.txt with Yandex free analysis.

Be sure to give your robot.txt file a text today with the free analysis tool from Yandex.

Have you validated your sitemaps lately?

Yandex, Bing, and Google all offer sitemap validation tools as part of their webmaster tools. Be sure to test your sitemaps on at least two.

Add your sitemap index to Bing's Webmaster Tools

Be sure to add your XML sitemaps to Bing if you'd like to take advantage of their billions of visitors!

Turn your website RSS feed into an automated timesaver.

IFTTT lets you read (and react) to your website's RSS feed to automatically share website content across social platforms.

Claim your website on Pinterest.

Be sure to claim your website on Pinterest! This lets you get alerts when people share your content.

Add a pin to Pinterest from your site.

Once a day, pin something from your website straight to Pinterest to keep things fresh.

Are you hiring this month? Don't forget to post about it.

One of the easiest social media shares is upcoming jobs. So don't forget to post job opening across all your platforms.

Run another speed test on your website.

Its important to get a second opinion... then a third and fouth

Add a MailChimp form to your website.

Take a little time and add MailChimp to your website to get people to signup for your email newsletter.

Renew your domain name.

Remember domain names need to be renewed from time to time, if you've not set it to auto-renew, set yourself a yearly reminder.

Check if your website server has been blacklisted for SPAM!

Find out if the people you share a web server with have been spamming customers, and move to a new host if they have.

Add a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to your website.

If your website doesn't already have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), get one!

Confirm all your images have the right attributes.

Go through the images on your website and verify that they have all the attributes that search engines expect.

Test to see if your website is mobile friendly.

Give your website a twirl over on Google's mobile testing app to see if it's meeting their guidelines.

Test your website backups.

Do you know the only thing worse than not having backups of your online business? Having backups that don't work.

Set up your website backup scripts.

Make sure your website is running a proper backup script and test those backups regularly!

Clean your WordPress database with phpMyAdmin.

Open up your website database directly with phpMyAdmin or your choice of database tools and do a deep cleaning.

Optimize your WordPress database regularly.

Clean up your WordPress database by clearing out unused tags and comments, purge extra drafts and revisions.

Install an editorial calendar on WordPress.

Add an editorial calendar to help make it easier to see your upcoming posts, and to fill in gaps in your publishing schedule.

Redirect your 404 errors traffic to more useful pages.

Take all those broken 404 Errors (page not found) in your Google Analytics and Search Console, and redirect them to related content.

Consider blocking countries that are causing problems.

If you're experiencing a lot of traffic from outside your potential sales area, consider blocking those countries completely with an IP blocking tool.

Optimize your images to load faster!

Check all the images on your website to make sure they're sized properly.

Compress your CSS and JS files.

Clean up your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) files and compress them so that they'll load faster on customer computers.

Install an HTML caching plugin on your website.

There are a lot of great caching plugins for WordPress.

Setup Search Console and verify it with your website.

Setup Search Console and follow Google's steps to verify it's connected to your website.

Install your Google Analytics tracking code.

If you've not already set up a Google Analytics account, take a few moments and set up a free account with Google.

Plan for your upcoming website updates.

Now's the time to plan your website content for the 30 days and set yourself reminders if you need to plan further out.

Run a speed test on your website.

If your website is slow, people will not read it. Worse, Google will not index it. So get out there and run a speed test!

Register a domain name.

Remember that you should try to get one that reflects your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media handles whenever possible.

Does your website look great?

In 2019, there's no reason for your website to look bad and what your website looks like really matters to visitors.


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