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Turn Tumblr into a Marketing Machine for your Business

Tweak your tumblr marketing to achieve amazing results with 56 steps in May.

Add Tumblr to Meetup.

Add your Tumblr details to Meetup to link the two profiles.

Share your YouTube videos to Tumblr.

Create an interview video.

You can generate your own publicity by creating high-quality interview videos with clients, others in your industry, partners and more! In this task, we have tips on planning, editing and shooting your video.

Add 500px to Tumblr.

Add GitHub to Tumblr.

Add YouTube to Tumblr.

Add Vimeo to Tumblr.

Add Google Plus to Tumblr.

Add Yelp to Tumblr.

Add SoundCloud to Tumblr.

Add Pinterest to Tumblr.

Add Twitter to Tumblr.

Add Facebook to Tumblr.

Add your website to Tumblr.

Add Hi5 to Tumblr.

Add Spotify to Tumblr.

Add Diigo to Tumblr.

Add Blogger to Tumblr.

Add Picasa to Tumblr.

Add Medium to Tumblr.

Add Reddit to Tumblr.

Add Flickr to Tumblr.

Add Behance to Tumblr.

Add Dribbble to Tumblr.

Configure your Advanced Theme Settings for Tumblr.

Setup your advanced theme settings for Tumblr to activate Google AMP as well as your RSS and Preview options.

Add Flickr to Tumblr!

Flickr allows you to connect your Flickr photos directly to Tumblr to help share content automatically across the two websites.

Reblog your customer posts on Tumblr with IFTTT.

Want to promote your favorite Tumblr blogs without having to log in and spend hours pouring through their great content?

Create a Chat Post on Tumblr.

Publish a Podcast to your Tumblr account.

Publish an article to your Tumblr blog.

Add a video to your Tumblr blog.

Post a simple quote on Tumblr.

Share an amazing photo on Tumblr.

Review your tag strategy for Tumblr.

Tumblr tags a big part of being successful on the social media tool, so be sure to take a little time and review your Google Analytics.

Leave notes on Tumblr.

On Tumblr, leaving notes is their version of liking (or sharing) a post. Take the time daily to find great content to reblog or like.

Create pages on your Tumblr theme.

Tumblr has a few great page options built right in but you'll have to activate them to take advantage of the features.

Set up a Tumblr Theme.

Selecting a theme or creating a custom theme should be your next step to market yourself on Tumblr.

Connect your Tumblr to Google Analytics.

Don't forget to add your Google Analytics code to your Tumblr blog so that you can track how well your efforts are paying off! 

Follow local and industry influencers on Tumblr.

Look for the best people in your industry on Tumblr and follow their blogs, leave notes on their posts and connect.

Follow your competitors on Tumblr.

Be sure to follow other businesses in your space, as well as businesses you aspire to be similar to.

Follow your customers on Tumblr.

Be sure to find out if your customers are on Tumblr and follow them to increase their investment in your business!

Download and install the Tumblr app on your device.

Tweet automatically with IFTTT when you like a Tumblr post.

Setup IFTTT to automatically post a Tweet when you like a post on Tumblr to share content.

Introduce yourself on Tumblr

You can start off right by creating a post that shares a little about yourself and your company but also focus on being lighter than some of the other platforms.

Advertise on Tumblr.

Tumblr offers a few advertising options. If you're looking for a little traction on your Tumblr marketing, consider boosting your posts this quarter.

Use IFTTT to send an email when your competition shares on Tumblr.

Following your competition on social media is a great way to keep up to date with what they're up to as well as what sales and marketing programs they're engaging in.

Add Tumblr to IFTTT.

IFTTT (If This Than That) is a hidden gem of an online marketing tool that more people should use. Add Tumblr to IFTTT to build automation into your social media marketing.

Verify your Tumblr account.

Be sure to verify your Tumblr account. The social network will send you an email to ensure that you're legitimately who you claim to be.

Update your Tumblr profile.

How's your Tumblr profile looking these days? Remember to review it every few months to ensure it's still consistent with your online marketing goals.

Create more Tumblr blogs.

Tumblr allows you to create multiple blogs, so create special blogs for subjects specific to your industry.

Connect Tumblr to Twitter.

When you set up your Tumblr account, be sure to connect it to Twitter to share your Tumblr content directly with your Twitter followers.

Create a Tumblr account.

Tumblr may not be a social network you'd automatically think to use, but the microblogging platform is popular with young people and offers a free place to share your content with a new audience.

Connect Vimeo to Tumblr.

Connect your Vimeo and Tumblr accounts to automatically share across the two platforms.

Use IFTTT to fill your Buffer cue when you post to Tumblr.

With IFTTT and Tumblr, you can automatically react to posts on the social platform, or post fresh content automatically. You can even use Tumblr as the launching point to automate a variety of other social media posts.


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