MailChimp Marketing Slideshow with great ideas for May

MailChimp marketing slideshow.


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MailChimp Marketing Task Lists and Easy to Follow Tips

MailChimp marketing tasklist and slideshow with 21 great ideas for your success.

Connect MailChimp to Twitter.

Create a MailChimp account.

Add MailChimp to IFTTT.

Setup your MailChimp and IFTTT connection to create a link between the two and you'll be able to automate actions.

Clean up your MailChimp mailing lists.

I recommend taking a few moments every week and removing inactive contacts from your mailing list.

Import your customers into MailChimp.

If you're not already integrated with MailChimp, set aside a few moments once a month to manually migrate new subscribers to MailChimp.

What's your email marketing strategy for the quarter?

Look at the next 90 days and plan out special events and marketing programs for your email campaigns.

Schedule your newsletters for the month.

Do you have upcoming events or specials this month? Plan and schedule your MailChimp newsletters for the next 30 days.

Setup the MailChimp mobile app to get reports

The mobile app for MailChimp allows you to get information about the progress of your newsletter marketing campaigns on any device.

Add a MailChimp form to your website.

Take a little time and add MailChimp to your website to get people to signup for your email newsletter.

Get people to join your newsletter in person.

Are you hosting a local event, heading to a Meetup, or running a small store?

Who are your email's coming from?

In the world of silly questions, what does a newsletter campaign look like to your customer?

Verify your publicity settings for MailChimp lists.

MailChimp lists can each have their own individual publicity settings. Be sure you're set to allow people to find you!

Check MailChimp for notifications.

It'll likely sound silly, but if you're using MailChimp be sure to log in at least once a month and check for notifications.

Add your store to MailChimp for more stats.

Setup your e-commerce website to take advantage of MailChimp's integrated segment manager to target customers even more accurately.

Connect MailChimp and EventBrite to sync customers.

If you're going to run Eventbrite events, be sure to connect MailChimp so that your information is synced.

Verify your MailChimp contact details.

Take a few seconds today and verify your contact information is correct on MailChimp.

Have you verified your domain with MailChimp?

Verifying an account with MailChimp lets you send your newsletters as if they're coming from your domain.

Create a business page on Facebook.

Set up a Facebook business page to create a brand on Facebook.


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