Simple design ideas to increase your web sales

How can a simple web design help increase your web sales? More importantly, does your website make it easier or harder for people to shop on your website? These are some pretty basic questions that every website owner should be asking themselves but oddly, most of the time the choice of how to design a website is left up to the IT department, the same people who put monitors on desks and wear Pong t-shirts to the office.

If we take a look at two highly successful websites, and (yes, I am Canadian) we can see what millions of dollars of market research has determined is good design.

Bell Canada had determined that using only a few colors will help them tie online branding into real world branding. The few colors they’ve used correspond to the colors they use in their print materials but it also simplifies the design, allowing us to focus on the content. They easily provide options for shopping, navigation and support with little confusion for the user. Simply put, users can not make the wrong choice because Bell has made it too easy for them to make the right choice.

There are a few proven, indisputable truths in marketing and Apple has used every one of them in their corporate website. First and foremost, only show people what they need to see. If they want to see more, they can click the carefully designed tabs but by default users should only seen content that will help them make the decision to purchase. Secondly, Apple has been sure to design an interface that’s so easy to use that anybody from a grade school kid to a grandparent could figure it out. That’s not an accident, so we should learn from it. Finally, the design is clean. People like clean, clear and professional.

If you own your own website and you’re disappointed in the volume of sales, take a look at your own website and then look at those two examples above. Really look. If you want to compete on the web, your site should be as easy to use and professional at the ones featured here.

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