Social Branding

Social branding is all about helping my customers manage their social media, from knowing which sites to focus their marketing efforts on, to taking advantage of offers to engage with new channels.

I connect businesses with consumers by engaging them in their life style, promoting ideas rather than products, and ensuring that client websites stay at the forefront of consumers attention.

Social branding for small business

Together with my clients, I develop a social branding plan and create a schedule for posting to popular websites, not just leading social media sites but industry platforms as well. For example:

  • regional buy and sell websites;
  • public forums, Facebook groups, and pages;
  • industry specific review and directory platforms;
  • business community websites;
  • news and media forums;
  • video publishing websites;

My goal is to build your brand, and engage your buyers across the Internet. My comprehensive strategy for social branding includes audits and ongoing optimization for businesses from the legal and tourism industries, to retailers and wholesale businesses.