How to remove Distraction Free Writing in WordPress

Remove Distraction Free Writing in WordPress

remove Distraction Free in WordPressAs a feature, distraction free writing¬†allows authors to open the WordPress editor (TinyMCE) into a full screen mode and remove the excess elements of the WordPress administration area while writing a post. It’s an interesting feature released in WordPress 3.2 that is activated by clicking the four directional arrows in the upper right hand corner of the WordPress admin client (just under the Visual / Text options).

While it’s a great feature for some, I recently had a request to deactivate it on a client website and struggled to find the answer. Thanks to lead in the AWP group on Facebook I put together this little code snippet the remove the option.

[gist 31348234c3de4591a6eb]

To activate this code, add the code to your site specific plugin. One word of caution however, the new Distraction free writing option in WordPress 4.1 will change the way the editor functions so this change will likely only be valid until the next update.

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