I’ve been with Bluehost for four years, here’s a look at what I do to make my WordPress websites work great.

Bluehost hosting is one of the best platforms I’ve found for running WordPress but there are a few things you should know about it, to make sure your WordPress install runs as smoothly as possible.

First, there is an automated installed at Bluehost that you can run to avoid having to setup the software package yourself. A full tutorial is available online, it’s really simple. The only thing you have to be careful of with the auto installer is that you choose your correct path. Remember, if you want it to be at the root of your site you need to set that.

WordPress Performance

If you’re running a small website with only limited traffic, the default installation at Bluehost will be perfect, it should be able to handle several thousand visits a month without much fuss but keep on eye on your CPU Throttling to know when you need to make changes. Because you’re on a shared web server (hundreds of clients use the same web server) you’re limited to how much power your website can use at any given time. It’s like a limiter on a car engine, designed to ensure you don’t take more than a fair share.

An average website will never be throttled but you should look at your data once a week to see if you need to take the next steps.

Caching WordPress on Bluehost

The first, and most important thing you need to do for WordPress on Bluehost is install a caching plugin. I recommend WP Super Cache, it’s a popular download and although there are others out there which claim to do more, WP Super Cache has never let me down. You can also gain valuable SEO power with caching, which is always worth taking the time to set Super Cache up properly.

PHP Changes

With the Bluehost default install, you get a good site but you can tweak the PHP to offer a lot more performance by creating a new php.ini file and uploading a copy to both your root directory and your /wp-admin/ directory.


;*Hide our info
expose_php = Off
;*Turn off for performance
register_globals = Off
register_long_arrays = Off
register_argc_argv = Off
magic_quotes_gpc = Off
magic_quotes_runtime = Off
magic_quotes_sybase = Off
;*Allow PHP to accept large data
post_max_size = 6M
file_uploads = On
upload_max_filesize = 6M
This file makes adjustments such as setting larger file size uploads and increasing your memory size.

Install Issue

One of the most common issues on Bluehost is the site not working after installing with One Click, generally it displays a BlueHost promotion page when setup. This is the default index.html file for WordPress, in rare cases it needs to be deleted manually either through an FTP client or the Control Panel File Manager.

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