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10 Facebook Marketing Tips That Will Change Your Business

Are you sick and tired of your Facebook marketing falling flat, regardless of how much effort you put into it?

10 Facebook Marketing Tips That Will Change Your Business

Are you sick and tired of your Facebook marketing falling flat, regardless of how much effort you put into it? Would you love for your time and energy on Facebook marketing to finally pay off and generate some engagement?

Social Marketing Tips and Tricks for Business
Social Marketing Tips and Tricks for Business

Trust me, when it comes to frustration over your Facebook marketing you’re not alone but that’s why I’ve put together this list of 10 killer tips that’ll help change how your business performs on Facebook!

12 amazing Facebook marketing tips that’ll change the way you do business!

Get feedback from your audience

Use the social tools of Facebook for more than just Facebook marketing, use it to reach out to your customers and ask questions that’ll elicit a response.

  • How do people benefit from your product/service?
  • What would people like to get from you that they’re currently not receiving?

Be sure to not only ask, but respond. Social media is about talking with your audience, not talking to them.

Share posts and content from your fans!

Google Analytics for Website Marketing
Google Analytics for Website Marketing

When a follower takes the time to share something amazing with you, pass it onto the rest of your community! Be sure to tag them if it’s suitable, and you’ll not only help build their loyalty but your fan base as well by driving their followers to your page.

Let them know that you care!

Nothing says thanks faster online than interacting, either commenting, or liking, a post that your fans have shared. Take a moment and interact with as many of your followers as you can. Going through the content and comments on your page is also a great time to curate your fans posts, to ensure that there isn’t spam slipping onto your wall.

Post on weekends, and outside of work hours

Most of your fans are on Facebook when they’re home, so be sure to post in the evenings and weekends if you want to get their attention. This is especially true when your Facebook marketing is aimed at a business to consumer market, rather than business to business.

Share your personality

Never be afraid to share your personality, especially humour online! Remember that Facebook marketing isn’t about broadcasting to a crowd, it’s about interacting with a group (and often, an individual) online. Even when you’re posting as a company, remember that you, and the people you’re communication with, are people.

  • share a joke on your Facebook wall now and then;
  • involve community, charity, and not-for-profits that your business values;
  • take part in social challenges if you can;

Let people see behind the scenes

I’ve watched people in movie theatres sit through to the end of movies, hoping to see a blooper reel. If that’s true for film’s, why isn’t it true for your business too? Let people see that your business is a real business. Share pictures of your team working, the excitement of a big delivery, post photos from your conferences, and take the time to be light and fun.

Get them involved!

Add a challenge to your site, ask people questions, and get them to help you out. One of my favourite games to play with people online is to ask them to post pictures of what they’re up to everyday in company shirts, or holding products.

Let your customers, and fans, become your biggest cheerleaders.

Post photos for shares

Photography and Photos Help Promote Articles
Photography and Photos Help Promote Articles

Facebook walls are flooded with posts, but great photos always stand out. Take the time when you’re posting content to find the best photo possible for your post.

Remember that people love a few things on Facebook:

  • cats;
  • kittens;
  • dogs (dressed as cats);
  • cats (dressed as dogs);

Okay, maybe that’s a little narrow but … seriously. People love photos on Facebook and nothing grabs their attention faster that a great photo.

Keep your posts short!

Social sharing
If you think your friends would enjoy this post, please share it with them Thanks!

Just like I’ve commented about with Twitter marketing, short posts work great on Facebook as well. Remember that longer Facebook posts often get cut off, and are harder to read quickly. Keep it short and simple, ideally with a link.

Forget about Facebook marketing

Seriously, take a deep breath for a moment and exhale. Forget everything you’ve ever learnt, or want to learn about Facebook marketing and stop trying to use it as a marketing tool. Facebook is a social platform, for being social.

Companies who do great social marketing are the ones who can stop trying to apply real world marketing tips to Facebook and instead, learn to enjoy being socially engaged.


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