About Christopher Ross

christopher-ross-ottawa-appleChristopher Ross (that’s me!) was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and raised on an idealistic vineyard in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario. He attended Wilfrid Laurier University, and later Brock University to pursue his passion for Communication Studies, before returning for Business at the University of New Brunswick.

He’s a father, a husband, a sailor, a travel blogger, a photographer, and makes soap. When he’s not working, he often smells like sawdust and cocoa butter.

Work history

As a graphic designer, Christopher Ross spend the early years of his career working for Canada’s leading advertising firms in Toronto, Ontario, before being recruited to work for Corel Corporation in 1999 as a website designer. Leaving Corel in 2001, he formed Rodonic Corporation and spend the next 15 years developing leading edge open-source web technologies for the government of Canada, international news agencies, and Canada’s largest news companies.

These days, you’re more likely to find him sipping coffee, working on a sailboat, or taking photographs.

Speaking experience

In addition to working as a teacherdesigner, developer, photographer, and online marketing consultant, Christopher Ross speaks at technology conferences, and teaches website design at Sheridan College.

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Find Christopher Ross online

You can find Christopher Ross all over the Internet, but if you’re looking for his pet projects, visit him online at Between Two Posts, or The WP Crowd.