I tell people I build websites because most people have no idea how powerful the internet really is.

If you gave me 20 minutes to listen to your problems, I’m confident my ideas of how to solve those issues with modern technology would blow your mind.

About me

My name is Christopher Ross, and I love technology.

I love solving problems with technology, I love teaching technology. I love automating office processes, and cutting down human error with the use of the Internet. I love building marketing solutions that touch your clients, your prospects, and your stakeholders across a variety of platforms from social media to broadcast channels.

For some people, sports is a hobby that consumes their everyday. For me, it’s the Internet. Where you see a technological nightmare, or a problem to be put off for another day, I see an opportunity to explore, and change the world (or at least your business) with the click of a button.

What do I do?

Simply put, I control the Internet, or at least a tiny corner of it that affects my clients needs.

I build websites that help my clients make money online, I optimize them for organic marketing to cut down on marketing costs, I keep those websites online, and I teach my clients how to make the most of this ever growing, insanely vast, terrifyingly vital thing called the Internet.

My work history

After secondary school, I went to Wilfrid Laurier and Brock University for Political Communications and quickly began applying my creative skills, first as a photographer, and later as an award winning graphic artist, to marketing campaigns for McDonalds Restaurants, the Hundson’s Bay Company, the Liberal Party of Canada, and a host of media firms in Toronto.

In 1999, I was recruited to work for Corel Corporation, and later the Government of Canada on a series of website projects which would introduce me to the concept of Content Management Solutions (CMS), before starting my own consulting firm to focus on Open Source solutions.

After working with Algonquin College, and the University of Ottawa to implement web based student services tools and learning platforms, I discovered and embraced the world of WordPress, a CMS tool designed to help clients make the most of the web through an easy to manage website interface.

Since 2009, I’ve worked as a freelance consultant for clients across the US and Canada, including Bloomberg News, CNN, Postmedia, The Toronto Star, and small independent businesses with a passion for building amazing websites.

Where to find me

You can find me online at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress. You can also routinely find me speaking at social media and open source conferences across the US and Canada, teaching web development with Sheridan College and the University of Toronto, or hanging out in Niagara Falls.

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