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My name is Christopher Ross, and I am an open-source application developer with a passion for artificial intelligence, learning tools, and online marketing. My love of technology and software development began at a young age. Growing up, I spent a lot of time tinkering with computers and gadgets while learning the basics of coding.

To this day one of my favorite computer video games and one that inspired my love of code is called OMEGA, a 1989 tank simulation game that allowed players to create software scripts to command a tank.

While in college, I had the opportunity to pursue my passion for coding by taking courses in software engineering, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This experience opened my eyes to the possibilities of technology and encouraged me to continue my studies in these areas. After college, I worked for a few software companies before venturing out on my own and starting my own business.

My business focuses on developing custom applications for clients and developing open-source software tools. I specialize in creating tools for artificial intelligence, learning tools, and online marketing. My work has been recognized by several industry experts and publications. I’ve also been featured in several interviews and articles.

In addition to my work in software development, I’m an avid sailor and woodworker. I love being out on the water and working with wood, and I’m always looking for ways to combine my two passions. I also have a big heart for animals, and I have several rescue dogs that I love to take on walks and hikes.

These days, I’ve fortunate enough to be able to combine my passions by developing online learning tools and my love of woodworking to develop software and training tools for an industrial wood coating firm.

Other Projects – Confused what a paragraph (or even an entire technical paper) means? Not to worry, will read it for you and dumb it down for you.

Contacting Me

The best way to ask me a question is to tag me on Twitter or LinkedIn, I’m always happy to connect with new people. plugins

If you have questions about one of my free WordPress plugins, please visit the appropriate support forums on for community support as I am no longer supporting these open-source contributions.

– Christopher Ross