10 minutes to a better WordPress blog

So you’ve only got 10 minutes to spare and you want to improve your WordPress blog? No problem, here we go.

Install a Cache

If you’ve never installed a plugin before, it’s a snap. Log into your WordPress blog and look for Plugins on the left hand side, open it up and you’ll see Add New. Follow that link and click Featured at the top of the new page. WP Super Cache is a fast caching script that’ll speed your site up. Here’s how it works, every time somebody comes to your website the site has to ask a database what it’s name is, what articles it has, what it’s address is etc. but with WP Super Cache, it only asks the question once a day or when new content (comments, posts etc) are added. So instead of loading your entire site from scratch 500 times a day, it only does it 5 times and then serves a cached copy to the other 495 visitors.

Once installed and activated, click the settings tab and turn caching on. Remember to update your status and you’re done.

Know About Your Visitors

The WordPress.com Stats plugin is a quick install, although you’ll have to sign up for an account (not a blog, just an account) at WordPress.com for it to work. The plugin adds a new Dashboard to your website that includes information such as who’s visiting your site and what they’re reading when they’re there. It’s extremely handy to know what posts are popular as well as who’s visiting your site. Don’t forget to also install the WordPress.com Stats Smiley Remover from Regent Software, that’ll remove the annoying smiley face from the plugin.

SPAM Proof Your Blog

As long as you’ve already registered with WordPress.com you should also activate the Askimet plugin which ships with WordPress. It’s a free plugin that detects SPAM comments (like Junk Mail but on your blog) and tosses it out.

Make Your Images Matter

The SEO Friendly Images plugin will ensure your bad habits of not posting images ALT tags is virtually forgotten. It’s a quick plugin that’ll add a Search Engine Optimized tag to your images automatically, maybe not as good as the real thing but better than nothing.

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