How to help

First off, please let me say thank you for taking the time to read this page. I appreciate that you’re under no obligation to donate your time, money, or support to open source projects and I sincerely appreciate that you’re taking the time to learn how you can help.

So, thank you.

What is open source, and why should you support it?

The basic definition of open source is any source code that is freely made available, and given away. All of my WordPress plugins are developed and given away for free, and people are encouraged to improve them, either as part of their official downloads or to fork them and make them better independently.

By supporting open source, you’re giving back to the community, and improving the software available on the web.

How can you help make these projects better?

I’m not going to lie, money is always appreciated but money isn’t the best way to support these projects. For every donation I receive, I can focus on the projects a little bit more but what I’m really excited about is working with other developers, writers, translators, and designers to make these projects better.

As such, you can help by:

  • translation into another language using .po and .mo files;
  • quality assurance and testing, bug checking, and error logging;
  • adding new features, optimizing the plugin, and modernizing the code;
  • or donating a small amount vis PayPal;


Thank you,

– Christopher

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