StockTwits Auto Tagger

An auto tagger plugin designed to automatically include valid stock ticker symbols as tags, along with their official name.

The plugin works by detecting $ticker symbols such as $appl or $gm and converting it to a tag, along with an automated process to fetch the stock name from Yahoo! Finance and include the company name as an additional tag for search engine optimization of your financial blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

When you make a post in WordPress, simply indicate that you’re posting a stock ticker using the dollar sign symbol. For example, $gm to indicate you’re posting about General Motors Common and the plugin will automatically add gm as well as General Motors Common to your post tags.

Can I automatically link the tag?

We have another plugin called the StockTwits Ticker Link ( that will automatically link your $tickers to social media streams for the ticker.

Where can I ask for more help with this download?

If you would like additional support for this download, please feel free to use the following channels:

How to install

To install the plugin, simply:

  1. download the plugin to your local computer;
  2. FTP or upload the plugin file to your appropriate plugin folder;
  3. activate the plugin in your WordPress administration client;

Purchase, support and download "StockTwits Auto Tagger" for WordPress

If you would like to support the plugin please consider making a financial contribution at the time of download, or take a moment to read my post How to help with plugin development for more information about contributing to languages, bug testing, feature development, and more.

Download the plugin

To assist in the ongoing support, maintenance, and development of StockTwits Auto Tagger, I now charge $10 per download. If you'd like a free copy please consider volunteering your time.