So you’ve installed WordPress, now what?

I love WordPress so much that you’ll often find me making child themes with it, but we’ve also been together long enough that I can tell you it’s not perfect. There are some things that I wish WordPress would do right out of the box, but luckily there are some great plugins out there to […]

How to install WordPress locally for testing, learning, and development

WordPress website design and development

How to setup a WordPress local install environments In this tutorial, we’re going to setup a WordPress local install on your computer (laptop or desktop) to help you develop better themes, plugins, and test WordPress outside a live web environment. What you’ll need to install WordPress on your local computer In order to accomplish this tutorial, you’ll need to […]

Create internal links for better SEO

A great way to boost your search engine rankings is to create and optimize internal links to your own website. By creating links within your existing content to other relevant pages on your site, you’re helping search engines to better understand your own content. Creating internal links also helps your visitors by presenting them with […]

How to make WordPress more secure.


As we recently saw with the @n attack, website security isn’t just a big business concern. It’s everybody’s concern, and the only way to protect your website from potential attacks is to take the time and learn about website security. With that in mind, let’s look at a few basic things you can do to […]

Use great keywords, and phrases.


Stuffing your web page content with keywords will get you nowhere. If you try to mention a keyword in every sentence, the major search engines are going to notice you … but not in a good way. Google actively discourages keyword stuffing which it describes as “refers to the practice of loading a webpage with […]

How to backup (or migrate) your WordPress website


A few months ago, I crashed a MacBook Pro and lost everything I owned. It was tragic, but luckily I had a backup from a week earlier and the crisis was avoided. The same can’t be said about the average website. When people lose their websites, there often isn’t a backup, and there’s nothing your web […]