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I'm a website designer, located in Ottawa Canada with a focus on designing websites for large markets. As a website designer, I design websites, ecommerce websites and web pages for companies in Ottawa, Ontario. I build web pages and websites for a variety of local and national businesses.

As a web designer, I've spent the past two decades building websites for businesses here in Ottawa and around the world. I ensure my websites are compatible with website design standards, and are built to last.

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Website development

  • bilingual websites for government departments;
  • online stores and ecommerce website designs for business;
  • search engine optimization for local businesses;
  • WordPress website designs, using the most popular CMS available;
  • membership driven website design for magazines and newspapers;
  • social media marketing, support, and training;

Website design tutorials and posts

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    Popular Posts for WordPress plugin My Popular Posts for WordPress plugin has finally received a much over due update for the beginning of 2015, with a host of new features including the ability to now sort popularity by: Comment Count; Pageviews; Facebook Shares; Twitter Shares; StumbleUpon Reads; LinkedIn Posts; Total social shares; The new version of the […]

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    Pingdom Tools Performance Results

    How to check website quality reports for free Successful website developers check website quality regularly to ensure the success of a project, and while there are a whole host of amazing tools available for people with large budgets, most of what a great designer needs to check website quality are also available for free. Here are […]

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    Remove Distraction Free Writing in WordPress As a feature, distraction free writing allows authors to open the WordPress editor (TinyMCE) into a full screen mode and remove the excess elements of the WordPress administration area while writing a post. It’s an interesting feature released in WordPress 3.2 that is activated by clicking the four directional arrows […]

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    How to Hack WordPress

    I love WordPress so much that you’ll often find me making child themes with it, but we’ve also been together long enough that I can tell you it’s not perfect. There are some things that I wish WordPress would do right out of the box, but luckily there are some great plugins out there to […]

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    How to Hack WordPress

    How to setup a WordPress local install environments In this tutorial, we’re going to setup a WordPress local install on your computer (laptop or desktop) to help you develop better themes, plugins, and test WordPress outside a live web environment. What you’ll need to install WordPress on your local computer In order to accomplish this tutorial, you’ll need to […]

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    Internal link strategies for WordPress websites Internal links enhance the user experience for visitors by sending a user to other pages deep within your website, often times to provide them with extended information on a specific subject or area of interest. Realistically, your homepage can’t (and shouldn’t) have links to every subject on your blog […]

  • How To Make WordPress More Secure.


    As we recently saw with the @n attack, website security isn’t just a big business concern. It’s everybody’s concern, and the only way to protect your website from potential attacks is to take the time and learn about website security. With that in mind, let’s look at a few basic things you can do to […]

  • How To Be An Effective Blogger In Five Easy Steps.

    Christopher Ross WordPress

    Being an effective blogger is about more than just writing great content and focusing keywords, it’s about learning to make the most of your day and not getting bogged down in the day-to-day process of maintaining a website. You may think you have a lot of time, but once you start blogging it gets consumed […]

I build websites from Ottawa, Canada and travel the world (both online and in person) to work with the best companies, build the best websites possible, and create wonderful websites for businesses.

Designing websites in Ottawa for the past decade has helped me master complex websites for a wide cross section of organizations, not just businesses.

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In addition to designing great websites for business, being in the Ottawa region. Feel free to ask about:

  • Familiar with CMS technology such as Drupal, WordPress, and Moodle;
  • Maintain an active security clearance;
  • Focus on delivering scalable, bilingual websites;
  • Web standards for the Government of Canada
  • Optimizing websites and applications for mobile devices

I'm also available for consulting projects in Toronto, Hamilton, Fredericton, and across Canada.