Website Tips for Google-friendly Websites

Website tips to creating a Google friendly website. These website tips are simple, everyday items that you can do to make sure that Google loves your site.

These simple website tips are designed to help your business get found faster on Google, increase your placement in the result pages, and of course, help your customers! Here are my website tips to help your business get better search engine rankings on Google:

Give people what they’re after.

Google is in the business of helping people find things. So if you want Google to promote you to their website visitors, you need to help Google understand that people can find exactly what they’re looking for on your website, especially on your homepage.

  • Think about how your audience (not your staff) perceive your business;
  • Add content to your website that reflects what your visitor is looking for;
  • Ensure your website includes content rich, clear, and accurate information;

Entice other websites to link to your website.

Google Search Engine Optimization on Laptop
Google Search Engine Optimization on Laptop

Creating sincere, effective content has another great affect. It attracts other website owners to link to your website, and helps Google understand that your website has value within the eco system of the Internet. Be careful though, while the number of websites linking to you matters, don’t be fooled into buying backlinks, or wasting your energy pursuing link farms.

  • Create genuine connecting with business owners, both in your business niche, and local area;
  • Encourage website owners to link to content on your website, as well as your homepage;
  • Remember to link to other websites, to share your knowledge of great websites;

Create a focus for your website, and pursue it passionately.

One of the beautiful things about the web is that you can host multiple websites easily, and that allows you to create specialized micro sites for each area of your business. For example, I promote website design here on, but my local photography on, and my teaching services on

  • Focus your website on one unique subject to help Google categorize your content;
  • Use keywords and phrases throughout your website to further create an understanding of your website focus;
  • Highlight keywords with effective use of META data, formatting, and hyperlinking;

Make your website easy to access.

When I’m teaching website development to new students, one of the first things that I attempt to drive home is that Google, and most website search engines, are accessibly friendly, and they want to encourage websites to be accessible to all users. Additionally, Google uses a powerful piece of software, called a spider, to crawl the World Wide Web and read your website content. Remember that the spider is blind, so focus your content on ensuring the visually impaired can read your website.

  • Google is blind, build your entire website for the visually impaired for maximum impact;
  • Make your site structure logical, use hierarchal structures to organize content effectively;
  • Avoid technologies (frames, cookies, session variables, flash, dynamic html, javascript) that will interfere with Google;
  • Use traditional HTML markup and content tags to communicate effectively with browsers;

Focus on customer service, not search engine databases.

Woman looking at mobile phoneI’ve read thousands of website tips over the years that focus on tricking search engine robots into visiting your website but search engine optimization isn’t about search engines at all, it’s about ensuring that your customers, both new and old, can find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily on your website.

  • Clearly define your titles, and links across your website for people, not robots;
  • Add captions and text to your image attributes incase your image is missing, or unable to print;
  • Avoid alternative versions of pages, instead use CSS to format content for unique devices;
  • Help customers find content with sitemaps, indexes, and strong navigation;

What’s next for website tips?

If you want to learn more about encouraging Google to love your website, consider going to the source directly! Google publishes great knowledge based articles on building a great relationship, here are a few of my favourite search engine optimization articles from Google:

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