WordPress has everything you need to design a great website.

WordPress has quickly become the world’s leading Content Management System (CMS) by allowing non-technical, and low technology users to maintain and update websites quickly, and easily.

Using WordPress as a CMS

At the core of WordPress is a powerful, open-source, community driven website Content Management System, capable of allowing entry level users to input data into a website, and displaying that information to the public via a website.

WordPress allows users to quickly update and maintain content, from basic sales materials and details about the company, to complex online stores, product details, and even newsletters or event calendars. At it’s core, WordPress has three key components, each with their own role in the role of a website.

How your website looks

Designing with WordPress website design
Designing with WordPress website design

A WordPress theme, or how it looks, is the first and often most important part of a website for small business. The theme consists of how information appears to your clients, and includes features such as your branding, marketing, and the visual aspects of your website, including:

  • mobile and responsive designs;
  • desktop websites;
  • interactive television interfaces;
  • custom device experiences;

Since the theme of your website controls how information is displayed to your audience, it’s also the area where we focus on ensuring your website is optimized for search engines, as well as the visually impaired.

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What your website does

WordPress Plugins and Custom Application Development
WordPress Plugins and Custom Application Development

WordPress plugins, the logic of your website, are often added from the official repository or custom created to your business. These plugins work independent of the design of your website and add functionality to your online marketing. Examples of common plugins include:

  • custom quote generators;
  • donation, and revenue generating tools;
  • lead forms to sales tracking solutions;
  • e-commerce websites for online sales;
  • newsletter signup forms;
  • online booking and reservation tools;

Plugins are designed to add enhancements to your website, and increase the experience of your visitors.

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Website content and content marketing

Social Media Twitter Marketing Tips for Business
Website content marketing.

Finally, the content of your website which is unique in the website experience as it’s most often created entirely by the client, or writers dedicated to ensuring the client content is optimized for sales and marketing.

Website content is created and input into the CMS using a web based administration client, similar to Facebook. With the CMS, website owners are able to manage a number of vital details about their website including:

  • when an article is posted to the web;
  • who is capable of creating (or editing) content for the web page;
  • what is the subject of each post being created;

With WordPress as a Content Management System, you’re in full control of your website.

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Maintaining your website

WordPress Maintenance and Management Services
WordPress Maintenance and Management Services

If updating your website, with fresh content and software updates, isn’t your idea of fun, let us to it for you! We specialize in ensuring our client websites are always up-to-date, running the latest WordPress software, and complete with fresh content to drive organic traffic.

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