E-Commerce Store

It was said that e-commerce is the act or avenue to sell via the internet to your respective clients. Hence, it is a website which gives you the space to sell some specific items directly to end customers  or sell directly to other businesses.

Sell Clothing Online with Powerful Ecommerce
Sell Clothing Online with Powerful E-commerce

An e-commerce store can also be called an online store, it can be categorized in different ways, and because of this categorization, and e-commerce can be separated into the following:

Store Catalog

Contains a collection of products or services that the user can view and navigate. The user can examine the characteristics of different products or services, detailed information about them, etc. but you cannot place orders for those products or services or pay those orders from the e – commerce store.

In these cases, the e-commerce store usually provides information about the procedure that the user must follow to place an order (e.g. via phone, fax, e-mail, etc.), as well as information on ways payment you can use to pay those orders.

Virtual Store

Allows the user to check the characteristics of products or services offered by the online store, and also gives room for orders and processed payments electronically from the website of the E-commerce store. These types of stores often have a shopping cart to which the user is adding the products or services you want to purchase and your order form. After the purchase, the user confirms the order and choose the form of payment desired between different payment methods supported by the virtual store and such as bank transfer, cash, PayPal, bank credit card or debit card, etc.

Difference between Store Catalog and Virtual Store

  • the catalog store type has a complexity significantly lower than that of a virtual store;
  • the e-commerce store catalog type, by not allowing online payment of products or services, does not require the security measures that it needs a virtual store to ensure the security of payments;
  • the investment necessary for creating an online store type catalog is considerably lower than necessary for the creation of a virtual store;
  • the online store catalog type enables the first step towards a virtual store with a lower investment, allowing to measure audience response to the online store before making a major investment to convert this store catalog type in a virtual store;

Importance of maintaining an online store

Craft Sales Online Shoemaker Selling with E-Commerce
Craft Sales Online Shoemaker Selling with E-Commerce

Once you have an online store, you need to perform maintenance constant thereof for:

  • maintain security levels and improve as much as possible their effectiveness;
  • keep up to date at all times the information contained in the e-commerce store; features and prices of the products offered, new products, existing stock of each of the products, etc.
  • improve the positioning of the online store Internet search engines, conduct marketing campaigns, and appropriate advertising, etc.

To improve the effectiveness of an online store, it is necessary to obtain statistical data on user behavior within the store.

Analysis of these data will allow us to detect those aspects that can be improved, in order to:

  • increase conversion rate: that is, get a higher percentage of visitors to the online store to become customers;
  • loyalty to existing customers;
  • get customers to increase the frequency of their purchases;
  • increasing the average spending per purchase, etc;

In conclusion, as a small business website or a product catalog, it is very important to have clear objectives before starting the online store. Besides the objectives already discussed for a corporate website or a catalog of online products, it is quite clear that the main objective of e-commerce to sell.