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Do you want to make sure your home is energy-efficient? A great place to start is with your windows. Many windows are not energy-efficient, which can result in a significant amount of energy being.

1. Set up a Viber account: Setting up a Viber account for your business is the first step in leveraging Viber for your business. This will allow customers to easily find and contact your business.

2. Develop content: Developing content for your Viber account is key to engaging customers. This could include promotions, product updates, or even customer service inquiries.

3. Promote your Viber account: Once your Viber account is set up, you need to promote it to your customers. You can do this through traditional marketing channels, or through digital channels such as social media or email.

4. Leverage Viber features: Viber offers many features that you can take advantage of to build your business. For example, you can use Viber bots to automate customer service inquiries, or you can use Viber’s instant messaging feature to respond to customers quickly.

5. Analyze data: Analyzing data from your Viber account can help you better understand your customers and how they interact with your business. This can help you optimize your content and better engage customers.