My top ten WordPress plugins

As many of you know, WordPress is one of the most expandable blogging and content management tools on the market today and it’s free (thanks Matt!). There are a lot of great plugins out there for WP, many of which I couldn’t run a live site without.

1. Akismet

Owned by Automattic (thanks again Matt!), Akismet automatically deals with spam postings to blogs by auto indexing and removing them.

2. Gravatar

A really cool avatar tool which allows die hard bloggers to store their avatar on a single server and auto fetch it for your blog. Also part of the Automattic family.

3. Exec-PHP

This cool little tool allows you to post PHP code into pages or posts and execute it.

4. CG-FlashyTitles

Seriously cool method of implimenting Shaun Inman’s SIFR technique which allows “on-the-fly” replacement of text with Flash text.

5. wp-notable

Allows users to quickly add your pages and posts to social bookmarking websites such as Digg.

6. Feedburner Feed Replacement

Posts custom feeds to Feedburner while creating custom feeds.

7. HighSlide

Not really a plugin but an extremely cool piece of JavaScript. The HighSlide script is used to create zoom in graphics throughout my site.

8. Semiologic Dofollow

Corrects a nasty little problem with WordPress by instructing Google (and other search engines) to follow links.

9. Semiologic Frame Buster

Stops other websites from loading your blog into a frame.

10. Semiologic Search Reloaded

Improved search functions for WordPress

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