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With IFTTT and Tumblr, you can automatically react to posts on the social platform, or post fresh content automatically.

With  IFTTT (If This Then That), you have quite a few options for how to make the most of your posts to Tumblr. In fact, a savvy marketer may choose to use Tumblr as the launching point to automate a variety of other social media posts.

Use IFTTT Trigger Options for Tumblr.

You can have IFTTT read directly from your Tumblr blogs and create triggers for a variety of actions. Examples of Triggers include:

Create a new post.

This Trigger automatically fires each time you create a new post on your public Tumblr blog. It would be a great way to automatically push all your latest posts directly to your other social media accounts, or to a tool like  Buffer to help limit your accounts from being overwhelmed with posts.

Create a new post with a specific hashtag.

Almost identical to the first, but this Trigger requires you to include a specific tag (Tumblr’s version of a hashtag) in order for it to active. You could run this Trigger to only react to, for example, the word “discount”, to signal that you wanted IFTTT to post the share directly to your  Pinterest Board named “Discounts”.

Create a new [x] post.

IFTTT allows you to run a Trigger when specific types of content are posted to your Tumblr blogs. You can have specific options for text, photos, link, quote, video, and audio, allowing you to repost content automatically to a variety of services such as  Twitter and  Facebook, Pinterest, and  Instagram based on the content of your specific post.

Create [N] posts.

If you’d like an action (Trigger in IFTTT) to occur only every few posts, you can use the N posts Trigger to create an automated response every few posts instead of occurring each time. Unfortunately, you can’t combine this with the other trigger options.

What can you do with the Trigger?

IFTTT works on the premise that once you’ve triggered an event, you need to do something with the results. In the Trigger above, once you’ve Triggered IFTTT based on a new Tumblr post, you can specify that to do as a reaction.

And what you can do is amazing.

From a purely Social Media  Marketing (SMM) approach, you can automatically repost your Tumblr post to a variety of services, from Facebook and Twitter to  LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Buffer. In fact, at the time of this writing, IFTTT offers well over 1,000 things that you could do in response to your new post.

Some of my favorites? You can add (or remove) a subscriber to your  MailChimp newsletter, or post to a Facebook Page. You can save your post to a  Google Spreadsheet, or send an email. If you want to have an idea of how expansive IFTTT’s options are, consider that based on publishing a new post on Tumblr, IFTTT allows you to set the temperature of your home thermostat.

How cool is that?