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How’s your Tumblr profile looking these days? Remember to review it every few months to ensure it’s still consistent with your online marketing goals.

You can customize your Tumblr profile at Here you can update your blog name and description, which is a simple first step towards building your profile.

Creating your Tumblr profile.

Set your  Tumblr Title on the right-hand side of the customizer. Be sure it reflects your business and ideally matches the business name you established while planning your  Social Media Strategy.

Your Tumblr Description (also on the right-hand side) can be updated to include the long social media profile description you created as part of your Social Media Strategy process.

Both your title and description will be pretty common across most social media profiles you create, but you may decide to customize it for one profile or another to appeal to that particular platform.

Updating your Tumblr profile.

Once set, your Tumblr profile details should be fairly static and not need updating, but it can customize your Tumblr profile at 7;s worth checking on once every few months to make sure it can customize your Tumblr profile at 7;s still consistent with the brand image you can customize your Tumblr profile at 7;re presenting across the rest of your social media profiles.