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Are you ready to take your social media presence to the next level? With the ability to share videos from your YouTube account to LinkedIn, you can maximize your reach and engage with more people.

You’ve done the hard work of creating a YouTube account and Brand Account, verifying your account, and setting up your features – now it’s time to share videos on LinkedIn!

To build your audience on social, you’ll want to share videos related to your industry. This way, you can curate content and establish yourself as an authority without having to spend time producing original content.

For example, maybe you’re in social media management, so you search YouTube for videos about the latest updates to major networks’ algorithms and features, tips and tutorials, or videos summarizing the trends to watch for this year.

Once you find one you’d like to share, take the following steps:

  1. Under the video, you’ll find a Share button. Click it.

Next, you can post the video as a LinkedIn status update by:

2. Sharing directly from YouTube to LinkedIn
Use the quick route by pressing the LinkedIn icon under the Share settings, which will bring up a separate window that will let you add a comment and share the video in a post, or send it as a private message.


3. Copying the video URL to your LinkedIn status
– Copy the video URL
– Open a tab
– Visit, and go to your home page
– Paste the URL in your status update area
– Add a comment
– Presto – you’ve shared the video with your audience!

Note: Sharing your own video? You may want to upload it directly to LinkedIn since the LinkedIn algorithm gives native videos more weight, so they show up more often in the feed. This gives you more visibility than simply posting a link to your YouTube video.


4. Embedding the video into a LinkedIn Pulse post
Pulse is LinkedIn’s dedicated publishing platform, where you can publish a post about a specific topic to appeal to the business-minded audience that frequents the platform. On LinkedIn, you’ll find everyone from entry-level workers to entrepreneurs, executives and management in your industry. And your connections get a notification every time you publish a post! Needless to say, you could discover a new audience for your content and gain valuable reach if you play your cards right, and publish consistently.

To embed a video in a post:
– Click the Write an article button just under the status area on your home page.
– A new tab will open and you’ll be taken to an editor, where you’ll write your post.
– Click the icon to the left of the text area, and you’ll see a menu fly out. Click the Video button (second from the left).
– Copy the link to the video you’d like to embed, paste it in the box, and press Enter.
– Just like that, your video should appear in your post! (Don’t forget to give your LinkedIn post a headline and add some text as well.)

Bonus: Share a YouTube video to your LinkedIn profile
Looking to get an edge over your competition when it comes to sprucing up your LinkedIn profile? Try uploading a YouTube video to your LinkedIn profile!

This requires a bit of a workaround because although LinkedIn started offering native video for members in 2017, you can only post video directly to the platform via your status update – there’s no place on your profile that you can upload a video to introduce yourself.

That said, marketers and savvy entrepreneurs understand the power of video. To use video to connect with your audience via your LinkedIn profile, you’ll want to make yourself a SlideShare account, drop your YouTube link into a presentation, and publish it to your LinkedIn profile.

This fantastic post from Lewis Howes shows you how to do that, step by step:

1. Create a account. Add the SlideShare application on LinkedIn.
2. Upload your video to YouTube.
3. Upload a presentation to your SlideShare account.
4. Insert your YouTube link in the first slide of your presentation.
5. Publish your SlideShare presentation on your LinkedIn profile.

There you are – you’re all ready to share your YouTube videos on LinkedIn via status update, in a Pulse post, and on your profile!