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Do you want to allow comments on your YouTube channel, moderated or otherwise? Here’s where you can set that up before you begin posting videos.

1. Develop a plan for the company’s YouTube content: Determine the types of content that the company wants to post, and how often it should be posted.

2. Establish a YouTube account: Create a YouTube channel for the company and customize the settings to best represent the brand.

3. Create engaging content: Create videos that are interesting and entertaining to viewers, while also reflecting the brand’s values.

4. Promote the company’s YouTube channel: Utilize social media to promote the company’s YouTube channel and increase viewership.

5. Monitor comments: Monitor comments on the company’s YouTube channel to ensure that the comments are appropriate and relevant.

6. Engage with viewers: Reply to comments, answer questions, and interact with viewers to build relationships and foster engagement.

7. Analyze performance: Analyze the data from YouTube insights to measure the success of the company’s YouTube channel and adjust the content strategy accordingly.