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Bing has a free SEO diagnoses tool built into their webmaster tools, be sure to run it on your site once a month to test for problems.

1. Identify target audience: Identify the target audience of the company, who are the key decision makers, influencers and buyers of the company’s services.

2. Develop a plan: Develop a plan that outlines the specific goals, objectives and strategies to be implemented in order to successfully execute the Bing SEO checker on the company’s website.

3. Research competition: Research the competition and identify what their SEO strategies are, to determine the best approach to take.

4. Implement SEO: Implement SEO best practices on the website, including optimizing titles, descriptions, keywords and other elements to ensure the website is indexed by Bing.

5. Monitor results: Monitor the results of the SEO checker on the website regularly, to ensure that the company is taking the necessary steps to increase their visibility on the search engine.

6. Evaluate results: Evaluate the results of the SEO checker and make adjustments to the website accordingly, in order to maximize its visibility on the search engine.

7. Promote website: Promote the website through various channels, including social media, email campaigns, paid search, and other methods.

8. Monitor traffic: Monitor the website’s traffic to identify any areas for improvement, and make adjustments as necessary.