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Remember to post your Tweets to your LinkedIn profile as well to share them with a bigger audience.

1. Identify the target market: The target market for this strategy should include those who are active on both  Twitter and  LinkedIn, and who want to maximize their reach on each platform.

2. Identify the value proposition: The value proposition of this strategy is that it allows users to easily repost their great tweets to LinkedIn and thus increase their reach and  engagement on both platforms.

3. Set goals: The goal of this strategy should be to increase the reach and engagement of users’ tweets on both Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as to increase user engagement with both platforms.

4. Develop the strategy: To achieve this goal, the company should develop a tool or app that makes it easy for users to repost their great tweets to LinkedIn. This tool should be integrated with both Twitter and LinkedIn APIs and should allow users to easily repost their tweets with just a few clicks.

5. Execute the strategy: Once the tool or app has been developed, the company should promote it through various channels such as social media, email marketing, and other methods. The company should also continuously monitor user engagement and feedback to ensure the tool is meeting the needs of the target market.

6. Evaluate and refine: The company should also evaluate and refine the tool or app over time to ensure it is meeting user needs and achieving the desired goals. This should involve regularly monitoring user engagement, feedback, and usage stats.