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Businesses should include Skillshare on their page to showcase their expertise and gain access to a global learning and teaching community.


1. Develop a clear and concise marketing plan: Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that outlines the company’s goals, target audiences, and tactics for achieving those goals. This should include a detailed analysis of the current competitive landscape and how Skillshare can stand out from the crowd.

2. Utilize social media: Utilize existing and emerging social media platforms to promote Skillshare’s presence on This includes creating content that is specifically tailored to users, as well as sharing existing Skillshare content on the platform.

3. Leverage influencers: Identify and leverage influencers in the space who are already active on Reach out to these influencers to partner with Skillshare and promote its presence on the platform.

4. Provide incentives: Offer incentives for users who add Skillshare to their page. This could include discounts on courses, exclusive content, or other rewards.

5. Monitor and adjust: Monitor the success of the strategy and make adjustments where necessary. This could include changes to the incentives, content, or influencers.