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pageBusinesses should include a link to their Kickstarter page on their page to help promote their projects and increase engagement with potential backers.


1. Create a profile on  Kickstarter: First and foremost, the company should create a profile on Kickstarter. This will allow potential backers to find out more about the company, its products and services, and its goals. This profile should include a detailed description of the company, its products and services, its mission statement, and its fundraising goals.

2. Promote the Kickstarter profile: Once the profile is created, the company should promote it on its page. This can be done by including a link to the Kickstarter profile in the page’s Bio section or by creating a Projects section that links to the Kickstarter profile. The company should also promote the Kickstarter profile through other channels, such as email newsletters, social media, and other websites.

3. Monitor the progress: The company should monitor the progress of its fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. This includes tracking the number of backers, the amount of money raised, and the progress of the project. This information can be used to adjust the company’s fundraising goals and strategies as needed.

4. Engage with backers: It is also important for the company to engage with its backers on Kickstarter. This can be done by responding to comments, answering questions, and providing updates about the progress of the project. This will help the company build trust and loyalty with its backers.

By following these steps, the company will be able to ensure that its Kickstarter profile is visible on its page and that its fundraising efforts are successful.