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Tumblr has a few great page options built right in but you’ll have to activate them to take advantage of the features.

Activate these built-in page options in Tumblr, create pages and take advantage of more opportunities to interact with your audience:

Ask Me page on Tumblr.

This is an automated page that lets other people on Tumblr ask you questions. In your blog settings, you can choose to allow anonymous questions or require people to identify themselves before asking questions.

Submit Posts page on Tumblr.

If you’d like to allow other people to submit content to your Tumblr blog, you can activate a page template that’ll allow users to submit content for your approval. Tumblr even lets you choose between the types of posts you’d like to accept.

Adding Custom pages to Tumblr.

In addition to the two automated pages above, you can add a custom page to your Tumblr blog by editing your theme and scrolling to the very bottom of the theme customizer where you’ll discover a link to the Add a Page option. It’s a great idea to add an about page here.