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Product demo videos a great way to show off your product. They’ll also boost your SEO ranking, build your authority, and help your customer understand how your product can help them.

If you have a product you create or sell online, you should definitely be making product demonstration videos!

They’re a great way to show off your product, and they’ll boost your SEO ranking, build your authority, and help your customer understand how your product can help them. The best part: you put in the time and effort into making it once, and it can be viewed thousands of times. In 2018, we also know that 73% more visitors who watch product videos will buy, and 57% of customers are less surprised by products with video. And when you’re investing in a product for the first time, the fewer surprises, the better!

You can even repurpose your video into other content formats.

What should be in your product demo video

Here are some tips to get started:

According to MediaBrighton’s How to Make a Product Demo Video, you’ll want five different elements in yours:

1) Introduction

Introduce yourself, your company and the product you’ll be demonstrating.

2) Aim (target market)

Briefly describe the target market you’re aiming for with your product. What are some characteristics of your ideal client, and why would they find your product valuable?

3) Product demo

This is the “meat” to your video – here’s where you get to demonstrate your product for your video so they can see how it works and how user-friendly it is.

4) Main features with benefits

What are the main features of your product? What is it made of? What are its dimensions? Are there technical specifications or requirements? Describe benefits (i.e. a demonstrable value) your viewer will see by using it (e.g. – a raincoat keeps a person’s suit dry on their way to that important meeting; a backpack can be stylish and fit all their stuff).

5) Call to Action

What should your viewer do after they watch the video? Include a CTA to subscribe to your channel or visit your website. Include your web address at the top of your description to help click-through rates and search engine optimization.


1) Use affordable video production and editing tools to create high-quality videos on a budget.
Tech news and product research website Tech.Co suggests using affordable tools like Camtasia, iMovie for Mac or Windows, GoAnimate and Sparkle. Read the rest of their tips for creating a quality video.

2) Nervous about talking to a camera? Write a script and have a friend or colleague interview you.

3) Use generic keywords in the title, description and tags. When potential viewers type those keywords into YouTube’s Search field, yours will pop up. Here are some YouTube optimization tips.

4) Put brand names at the end of your title.  Google puts more emphasis on the first words of a title, so your main keywords should come first.

5) Include customer testimonials at the end of your product demo.