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Want to trigger a tweet everytime you like a YouTube video? How about creating a list from new uploads? IFTTT has your back.

1. Assess the Market: The first step in developing a business strategy for adding YouTube to  IFTTT is to assess the market. This includes researching the competition, understanding the needs of the potential customer base, and assessing the potential value of YouTube integration.

2. Develop a Plan: The next step is to develop a plan to integrate YouTube into IFTTT. This includes researching potential technology solutions, developing a timeline for integration, and creating a budget.

3. Create a User Experience: After developing the plan, the next step is to create an engaging user experience. This includes researching user interface design principles, creating prototypes, and conducting user testing.

4. Market the Integration: Once the user experience is complete, the next step is to market the integration. This includes developing a marketing plan, creating promotional materials, and engaging with the IFTTT user base.

5. Monitor and Improve: The final step is to monitor and improve the integration. This includes collecting user feedback, conducting usability testing, and making improvements based on the data collected.