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Instagram marketing slideshow.


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Instagram Marketing Secrets for Business

Create share-worthy Instagram marketing posts with these 34 tasks for the popular social media app.

Add Instagram to IFTTT.

Instagram is a one way Service on IFTTT allowing you to read new posts and react.

Update your Instagram profile.

Update your Instagram settings and profile.

Verify your Instagram account.

Verify your Instagram account.

Create a Instagram account.

Create an account for Instagram.

Share your YouTube videos to Instagram.

Add Instagram to Bing..

Let Bing know who you are on Instagram to get indexed.

Add a post with text on it as a call to action.

Create a pin with a great big, bold piece of text as a call to action and post it to your social media accounts.

Prompt followers to turn on post notifications.

With the changes to Instagram, some of your followers won't actually see your posts reliably unless you post to remind them to turn on notifications.

Repost follower-created content.

Remember to repost content from your followers to make the most of user-generated content.

Share a customer testimonial a couple times a month.

You can see their reviews on Google Maps and other social tools to reach out to them and create a post quoting them.

Post coupons directly to your social media.

Everybody loves a deal, so why not create some coupon images and share them across your social media every couple weeks to promote yourself?

Is there anything festive happening this month? Share it!

Don't be afraid to post authentic, heartfelt messages about holidays, even if you don't celebrate them yourself.

Ask other businesses questions on Instagram.

If you're looking for a way to be social on Instagram, ask questions. Give local businesses an opportunity to reply to you with awesome answers.

Check out Instagram hashtags for amazing people to follow.

Look at the hashtags on Instagram and find people in your industry or subject area to follow.

Search for local businesses and follow them.

Once a week, search for local businesses and follow them. They'll likely follow back.

Add your best Instagram posts to Twitter.

Have you been posting great content to Instagram? Remember to share it on Twitter too!

Are you hiring this month? Don't forget to post about it.

One of the easiest social media shares is upcoming jobs. So don't forget to post job opening across all your platforms.

Run an Instagram contest this month.

Create a hashtag for an Instagram contest this month and send an email to your existing customers asking them to share a photo with your product or share a story.

Give Instagram ads a try.

Instagram ads are Pay Per Click and create sponsored content in people's streams. Set aside a small budget for a week and see if they help your business.

Create your own hashtags for Instagram.

Create a brand or event-specific hashtag strategy to promote your business and have your customers share their experiences!

Repost your Instagram content to Facebook.

A study of over 1 billion Facebook posts showed posts shared from Instagram received more engagement than posts published on Facebook directly.

Respond to comments on your posts, and share!

Social media is about being social, so take a little time and respond to comments on your posts, private messages etc.

Review your Instagram Insights for the month.

It's a little boring, but it's time to see how your work has paid off by reviewing your Instagram Insights for the month.

Connect your Facebook Page to Instagram.

Once you've created both a Facebook Page for your business and set up an Instagram business account, be sure to link them.

Let's go live on Instagram today!

I suggest using live video sparingly to showcase really cool content engaging moments like big events or really engaging social content.

Post a story on Instagram.

An Instagram story lets users post at a higher frequency without flooding timelines.

Go for a little harmless tagjacking on Instagram!

Once a week, find a popular hashtag that you can piggyback on and create a post just for that hashtag.

Add an educational post to Instagram.

Instagram isn't all about self-promotion, so every few days add an educational post that benefits your industry.

Make the most of your bio on Instagram.

You need to optimize your Instagram bio, so stopping by every few months to make sure it looks great is a start.

Update your Instagram profile picture.

Once a quarter, stop by Instagram and update your photo with something current and relevant to the season.

Download and install the Instagram app on your device.

While you can technically fake the app, it's best to simply install Instagram on your device to get the majority of the features.

Add an Instragam post with awesome hashtags.

Your posting schedule for Instagram may vary, and that'll take practice, but posting daily is a great start.

Create an Instagram business page.

Please who love Instagram, love Instagram a lot. Make sure you have a proper business account and sign up with your email, not a Facebook account.

Create a business page on Facebook.

Set up a Facebook business page to create a brand on Facebook.


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