WordPress Customization

I offer a full range of WordPress customization services for businesses around the world.

I can help you make of the most of WordPress and ensure the blogging platform meets your business needs by creating custom plugins and themes, as well as optimizing the CMS to deliver high quality websites and excellent customer support for a reasonable price.

WordPress customization for business

I focus on WordPress customization with the specific goal of making the WordPress platform better for business owners. Every business goal is different, but how I improve WordPress for business can be summarized in a few key areas, including:

  • Optimizing content for search engine optimization;
  • Making WordPress faster and ensuring high speed interactions with clients;
  • Adding powerful publishing tools for newsrooms and online content creators;
  • Connecting social media platforms and automating sharing services;
  • Custom design on WordPress plugins and themes for business;
  • Training staff on WordPress operation, coding, and optimization;
  • Auditing WordPress code for business;

If you’re looking to improve your in-house WordPress skills through training, or develop a high end e-commerce website using WordPress as the backend, I have over a decade experience developing WordPress focussed websites.