Search Engine Optimization tip – deep linking

Deep linking your way to profit and better usability.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization for your business web site there are a few things that you can always count on working and deep linking is at the top of the list. At it’s most basic level, deep linking is linking to content on your web site other than your home page. In practice, it’s linking from one web page to another using hyperlinks.

Common sense is the best way to apply Deep Linking to your web pages but since we all know that common sense isn’t all that common, let’s look at some practical applications of how and when to use Deep Linking to optimize your site.

  1. To promote similar articles or pages. If your web page or blog entry has a paragraph which highlights another entry on your site, link the text in your new posting to the old page. For example, this article is about Search Engine Optimization so I link to similar content on my site.
  2. To provide easy access to common pages. Whenever I ask people to contact me, I like to include a link to my contact page.
Deep Linking is different than simply linking to content outside your web site and it doesn’t effect the target content as much as external linking does but it does help your content build valuein the eyes of Google and other search engines. More importantly, Deep Linking is about increasing both usability for your readers by providing hyperlinks to valuable content on your web site as well as defining yourself as an expert in your industry.
On a technical level, Deep Linking helps you establish credibility with search engines by doing two things:
  1. Helping Google find content on your web site which could have been orphaned or unindexed otherwise.
  2. Improves the understanding of your content in search engines databases by associated content with similar content.
Remember, the first letter of HTML stands for Hyper. As in Hyper Text (HT), so if your web page is hyper-linking to other content, what good is it?

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