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Everything you need for a great website.

I offer complete website design services for small business websites here in St. Catharines, Niagara as well as remotely for business owners around the world. From a simple micro sites, and brochure style websites, to large e-commerce and newspaper websites, I can create a complete website for your needs. – Christopher Ross

Website quote

For the best website quote possible, we need to learn a little about your website needs. The first step, is to determine what type of website you're looking for, and the features you'd like included.

Which type of website best describes what you need for a website?
For launch day, how many pages (or products) do you need us to create for you?
We all want to say global, but realistically, what sized market does your website target?
Photography and writing tends to be the biggest headache in a web project, how much are you taking care of?

Website discounts

We offer a variety of discounts for small business websites, please indicate if any of these apply to you.

Website features

While every website is different, there are a few things we expect to be included in every website we create, listed here for your convenience.

Included in all website development projects for clients are the following:

  • Website design to reflect your company branding
  • Mobile friendly, responsive design
  • SSL Certificate from Let's Encrypt;
  • One year website hosting;
  • WordPress CMS and training;
  • One year WordPress maintenance agreement;
  • Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Bing setup;
  • Facebook, Twitter, meta, and HCard tags;
  • Website Optimization for search engines and organic traffic;
  • favicon, mobile device icons, and shortcut icons;
  • visitor sitemap, as well as sitemap.xml files for search engines
  • favicon, mobile device icons, and shortcut icons;
  • Twelve month guarantee;

About you

If you'd like to have an official estimate emailed to you, please take the time to fill out this information, otherwise you're free website quote is below!

Website Quote

If have any questions about your website quote, please feel free to email me and I'd love to talk to you more! – Christopher

All prices are in Canadian dollars, taxes etc are not included.


Discount (or rush penalty):





How to get the best price from a web design consultant

Consultants, be it website designers, mobile application developers, wedding photographers, software trainers, or technology consultants, are people just like you and we’re always looking to work on great projects, help business owners, and teach people about our crafts.

If you’re looking for the best price possible from a consultant, remember that a good consultant charges for their time, so if you can help us save time, we can help you save money.

For example, before you ask for an estimate for your next project, have some basic details available and ask yourself these five simple questions:

When do you need the work completed for?

The longer we have to work on a project, the more likely we are to be flexible on pricing (for example, I offer a 10% discount for projects booked 30+ days in advance)

What do you need us to do?

Some clients need a consultant to do absolutely everything from (in web design terms) researching a domain name, and registering the domain name, to hosting and maintenance. Take a realistic look at what you need from us, and what you’ll take care of yourself to get the best price possible.

Who’s going to be co-ordinating the project?

Assigning a single person to be our point of contact within your organization saves web designers from getting caught in lengthy conference calls and meetings. Web designers are happy to sit in those meetings, but the meter’s running on our time, and on your website costs.

Can you describe your goals in an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch, is a rather dated term that describes being about to explain your concept in under a couple of minutes. If you can pitch your goal fast, we can likely help find a great solution faster.

Work within our web design expertise.

Every web designer is different, and we all know different things but if you’re looking for the lowest price possible, with the best solution imaginable, let us do our own thing to fulfil your goals.

Get a more comprehensive web design quote today

I love my free online quote generator but I also appreciate that some jobs require more details. If you would like a quote for your next project, be in marketing, photography, training, consulting, or web development, please feel free to use the form below to get in touch and we’ll discuss your needs.