Can you put up a website for less than $100?

As a web professional, I love nothing more than opening my email first thing in the morning and having somebody ask me if I can build them a website for $100. Oddly, this happens a lot so I’ve decided to write a blog entry here on my site to help you do it yourself.

First, you’ll need to register a domain name.

A domain name is your address on the web, you’ll want to make it snazzy but simple. I recommend using a reputable hosting company to register your domain name. Bluehost will charge you $6.95 for a year.

Secondly, you’ll need a hosting account.

Again, I will recommend Bluehost since it’s where I host my website and I’ve had no problems in two years. Their basic hosting package is $6.95 per month which means your new website now costs $90.35.

Next you’ll need a website.

Bluehost comes complete with a service called Fantastico, once you’ve activated your account click the Fantastico link in your profile to install cool scripts on your new hosting account.

Look for WordPress, it’s the best choice to manage your website and is included for free as part of your BlueHost hosting account. Install WordPress in your base directory, when it’s done you’ll get a username and password as well as a link to your website manager.

Making your website look great.

Now that you’ve purchased a domain name, setup your hosting and installed WordPress as a website manager you’ll want to install a theme. Theme’s are what make WordPress websites look different from each other, there are literally thousands of free themes on the web. In fact, if you’d like to use one of mine, you’re welcome to use a free WordPress theme from BavotaSan.

Adding Content

Bavotasan theme previewYou can quickly add new content to your website by adding Pages in WordPress, this will automatically publish your new content to the website you setup earlier.

There you go, a fully functional website complete with a content manager for less than $100.

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