Online marketing for hotels

These days every hotel needs to be keenly aware of how to market themselves online and the first rule is keywords. If you don’t know the first thing about keywords, don’t worry you’re not alone and that’s your key strength because very few people in the hospitality industry are taking the time to use effective keywords in their online marketing.

What are keywords?

Simply put, keywords are the phrases that people would type into popular search engines such as Google with the hopes of finding hotels in your area, they’re the phrases you want to promote on your website to help people find you.

For example, if you’re a restaurant in Fredericton you want to have phrases such as:

  • fredericton restaurants
  • restaurant fredericton
  • where to eat fredericton
  • fredericton dining
  • great food fredericton

These phrases are popular patterns for finding where to eat, they’re what your visitors type into search engines if they’re looking for food so rule #1 … keywords is really less about writing keywords and more about thinking about the keywords your visitors put into Google when they’re looking for your hotel.

How to use Keywords

There are a few places on a website that you’ll need to place your keywords to be effective:

– this is the title of your web document
– describes the document to Google

– the headings of your document
filename.html – the name of your physical document
for image alt attributes
the body of your content
These six areas represent the six key areas that a search engine optimization expert will attempt to streamline your content to highlight keywords but an important note is that no matter how important SEO content may be, quality content that people want to read is even more important!

The Secret Seventh Step

The seventh area that is critical for marketing your hotel online is a process called inbound links, these links are critical for building traffic and online reputation for specific keywords and is accomplished by ensuring that your keywords are linked from other websites back to your hotel. Did you notice earlier in the article I wrote “… if you’re a restaurant in Fredericton you want …” and I hyperlinked the phrase “restaurant in Fredericton” to That’s because I designed the restaurant website for Isaacs Way and I want Google to know that the website is all about the keywords “restaurant in Fredericton“. This simple process, repeated dozens of times across websites will help Google understand the main business of the website and improve the ranking of the restaurant.

A similar process should be used for your hotel.

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