Want to know how to make money online? Stop thinking so hard.

I haz greats ideas fur onlinez protifing! Nowz i needed to finds cute peopels wit powering tools

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The other day I was wrapping up a new website for the Fredericton Meals on Wheels organization, it was a charity gig that I happily donated my time on (thanks again for the support everybody) which led me to work with a well known local community activist, John Carty. He’s the new director of the MOW program and a man who’s master the art of giving to the community, funny thing was that he said something hilarious one day when I was on the phone with him and it’s brilliant advice for web entrepreneurs.

Everybody loves pets.

What he actually said what that everybody loves animals, he used to be the head of the Fredericton SPCA so he’s a man who knows about animals. During another chapter of his life he ran for local office and he discovered that most people had a pet in the house when they came to the door. I hope John doesn’t mind me sharing this story, but the point is pretty simple … people love animals. So what’s this got to do with making money online?

i can has cheezburger if I tell you? Honest to Google, while the rest of us are killing ourselves building complex social networking engines, marketing tools, SEO optimization mechanisms and writing content on everything from how to make money blogging to Google in your TV … these guys are making a mint doing nothing more than putting funny captions on pictures.

http://icanhascheezburger.com/ may seem like a joke at first glance but this cheesy little website stacks up like this:

Basic Traffic Statistics
Alexa Traffic Ranking: 2,780
Google PageRank: 7
Average of 709,717 backlinks from major search engines.

You read that right … a PageRank of 7 and over 700,000 backlinks to a website with cute pictures of kittens and some funny text. Their website’s estimated worth (for the domain name, not the business) … $2,202,868.

I’m not knocking icanhascheezburger.com, honestly I’m just jealous that I didn’t think of it first. The website is a WordPress.com hosted website powered by the greatest tool ever, it also means that there was basically no startup costs to put it together. Basically a domain name and a free account.

My point I suppose (if I indeed have one) is that much like my recent article So You Lost Your Job, Now it’s Time to Live., and How make money online? the only obstacle between you and making money online is your own desire to start doing it.

Well … I think there’s only one thing for me to do then …

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