Meta tags that kill your blog

There is nothing worse then when I come across a great blog by accident and find the owner killing their own SEO values by using bad Meta tags. Some SEO experts will tell you that meta tags are useless but that’s not true, they’re simply not as powerful (for good) as they used to be. On the other hand, they still seem to be capable of crippling a blog in a heartbeat if you use them wrong.

meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow”

OK, a robot tag is a good thing but the robot tag above specifically tells Google to piss off. Seriosly, what this translates to in English is “Robots, please do not index this page or follow any links on it”. Blogs are public, get over it.

meta name=”description” content=”web design,web,design,designer,web sites,web sites, web html”

This is bad for so many, many reasons. Look, the description tag is meant to be used for describing your web site or the content of the page. Keyword stuffing will not get spiders to like you, in fact it will most often result in them punishing you.

meta name=”keywords” content=”web design,web,design,designer,web sites,web sites, web html”

Ditto for the keywords, nothing says SPAM faster than keyword stuffing. If you want proper links from Google, use your content to generate descriptions, titles and keywords that will help Google understand your site.

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