How to schedule a blog post in WordPress

Learning to schedule a blog post in WordPress is a great way for bloggers to increase their overall effectiveness by taking advantage of downtime to create content for their sites.

When you schedule a blog post in WordPress you can add several posts at once, and release them on a schedule to optimize your social impact.

Here’s how you do it:

How to schedule a blog post in WordPressAfter you’re done writing a new article in WordPress, edit Publish Immediately and change the date to publish on your schedule!

  1. look at the top right area of your page, and click Edit;
  2. change the time and date to a future publishing date;
  3. click the grey OK button to save your changes;
  4. Click the blue Schedule button to publish your changes in the future!

That’s all there is to it!

Remember, once you’ve learned how to┬áschedule a blog post with WordPress you can also share it on a schedule using Twitter, Facebook or any other popular social media website with some free plugins for WordPress or by sending yourself a reminder when it’s ready to go live.


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