Google’s free new WordPress plugin, and lots more!

Welcome to WordPress Wednesday, a summary of what you might have missed in the world of WordPress this week.

WordPress Plugins

This week Google launched their very first WordPress plugin, the Google App Engine for WordPress, I think this goes to show how serious a platform WordPress is, and it’s great to see a large organization take the time to write a native app for WP to help developers integrate more.

Automattic has released a new version of JetPack with a host of updates including a new OmniSearch option that’ll search across your entire blog. Searching has always been a weak point for WordPress, not because they haven’t tried to make searching amazing but because including a quality search engine is really, really hard (companies such as Google spend a fortune trying to do it right).

I recently installed the Business Directory Plugin for a client, which (basically) creates a Chamber of Commerce style business listing for a WordPress website instantly. It’s a free plugin, with paid upgrades for integration to PayPal which is still a low price to pay for something that saved me 100 or more hours of programming. Chris Lema has an article on how ridiculous the pricing structure is for WordPress plugins (and I would extend that to themes as well).

WordCamp News

WordCamp Hamilton 2013 is happening this weekend in Hamilton Ontario, I’ll be there to help celebrate the first WordCamp in the city and I hope that if you’re in Southern Ontario you’ll take the time to come out and learn something new, contribute to the platform, or just have some fun. On the subject of WordCamps, WordCamp Grand Rapids is looking for speakers and their deadline is coming up, WordCamp Montreal 2013 is in a week.

WordPress Jobs

I read an interesting piece by Brian Krogsgard this week about WordPress job titles,which reminded me of a post I’ve been meaning to write for months about the ludicrous titles we give WordPress developers. Speaking of WordPress jobs, Postmedia News is looking for a WordPress developer for their office just outside the city. If you’ve got WordPress VIP level skills and want to join a great team, you should send them a note.

If you’re not already a WordPress developer, take a look at this post on becoming one.

If you have questions about WordPress, or blogging in general I’d love to hear from you! I’ll be writing a lot in the coming weeks and look forward to making WordPress Wednesdays a much bigger part of my blog.

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