How to Get Noticed on Twitter with 10 Simple Tips

If there's one thing we all want from social media, it's to get noticed on Twitter and other popular platforms, but how do you do it?

If there’s one thing we all want from social media, it’s to  get noticed on Twitter and other popular platforms, but how do you do it? Here are my 10 sure fire tips to getting noticed to Twitter, if you have more, tweet me!

Be sure to completely fill out your profile!

People search Twitter for key phrases they’re interested in, and if your profile isn’t using them, you might as well not be there at all. Take a few moments, and add valuable keywords and phrases to your Twitter profile, as many as it’ll allow that are related to the area of interest you want to be found for.

Don’t forget to include local or regional tags if that’s what you want to be known for! I promote myself for being here in St. Catharines, as well as my ongoing work with WordPress, you should consider doing something similar for your goals.

Upload a photo to get noticed on Twitter!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, says “I’m not worth following” on Twitter faster than the dreaded egg. Take the time to upload a great photo of yourself, ideally a portrait. If you don’t have one? Get a friend, or hire a local photographer, to take an amazing social media portrait of you.

Promote your web presence

If you don’t already have your own website (which you should), take the time to include a link to your LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media platforms in the usual spots on your profile, as well as in the text! Remember, you can include anything that you feel is valuable to your audience.

Use your handle to get noticed on Twitter

Your username is one of the most common things a person on Twitter sees about you. I use @thisismyurl, which is also where you’ll find me on most social media. If you can’t get your distinct name, or the brand that you promote yourself online with, try finding a great combination of names that’ll be memorable.

Avoid marketing yourself and focus on others

Try to remember that Twitter isn’t about you, or what you’re doing. People don’t mind the occasional self promotional toot of a horn, but it’s simply annoying for your audience to constantly see a flood of your self promotion.

While there’s no official formula to go by, I like to keep my article (and activity) promotions to a 1:2 ratio, so that posts about my articles (such as 140 marketing tips for Twitter) appear no more than once, for every two casual posts that I make. You’ll need to discover your own style, but remember people can simply unfollow you if they don’t want to be advertised to.

Instead, focus on others. I have a list of WordPress users that I love to follow and routinely repost their content, not because they ask me to .. but because it’s valuable, and people who follow me would benefit from seeing their posts.

Avoid robots on Twitter, and your site

There’s nothing worse than automated social sharing. You can buy tons of followers, or install plugins that’ll auto Tweet your content for WordPress but if you want to get noticed on Twitter, focus on creating authentic, original content and interactions with other users, not buying automated spam.

Understand your analytics

Understanding who follows your Twitter feed will help you to get noticed on Twitter faster than any other point in this post. If you look at these simple charts, you’ll quickly see who follows you, what subjects they’re most interested in, and their demographics.

Once you understand your audience, you can begin crafting your message to appeal to specific market segments, and promote your Tweets accordingly.

Cut back who you’re following, regularly

Twitter is a fantastic resource for gathering information and news, especially about local or niche subjects such as photography marketing, but if you’re following people (or companies) that are wasting your bandwidth, cut them out.

Instead, focus on receiving the best content possible from Twitter, and sharing that with your followers as often as possible. I usually look at pairing down my Twitter lists once a month, deleting anybody who’s content has felt too “spammy” over the past while but also (and this is key) promoting content that will appeal to those in my social, and market segments.

Use Twitters features to get noticed on Twitter

There’s nothing more obvious, yet underused, than using Twitters build in features to get noticed on Twitter.

Hashtags allow users to share common ideas across Twitter quickly, but they also highlight keywords and phrases. For example, this post uses #hashtags to promote awareness of mens health issues, but also to bring attention to those words.

Photos get noticed on Twitter immediately! The tweet above uses a picture of my daughter to draw attention to the tweet, but use it sparingly, as I mention in 140 tweetable marketing tips, not all your posts should contain photos.

Include a username in your Tweet. If you’re writing a tweet about a specific person, or brand, include their username in the tweet to call their attention to it! In this tweet, I mention Brian Hogg by name, as well as our podcast show Between Two Posts. They’ll both be notified of the post, as and my readers will know that they’re relevant to the tweet.

Create lists to get noticed on Twitter. I rarely follow people on Twitter, but I curate their accounts into lists, so that I can view their tweets by subject or community at a later time. This allows me to find, read, and share, amazing content from people I respect without having to drudge through spammy feeds.

Follow people you admire

If I had to make a list of the people in my community, the WordPress community, that I admired the most it would be easy. I have several actually.

Of course, there are millions of other great people in the WordPress community, and online marketing in general, but by following people that I admire, and people that I can share content with, for, and about, I’m able to get noticed and help them get noticed, on an ongoing basis to help everybody.

After all, isn’t that why you want to get noticed on Twitter to begin with?