How to make your file names better in WordPress

One of the more common mistakes I see website owners making, especially with WordPress is the simple trick of renaming their files before uploading them.

Here are some examples of poorly named files:

  • DSC__00023.jpg
  • picture-13.jpg
  • 2013-01-01.jpg

These file names have nothing to do with the subject of the files, and they offer your website no strategic value. Instead of throwing away  great search engine optimization for your images, simply replace the files to something more descriptive.

For example, here are some image file names that will help your website be more SEO friendly:

WordPress Media UploaderYou don’t want to keyword stuff your image names, but you do want to help WordPress understand what your images are all about. It’s important to note that when you upload the image to WordPress, it’ll automatically make your file name compatible with website browsers by replacing special characters, ¬†and removing spaces.

You’ll also see that WordPress has automatically filled out the Title of your image, which will auto populate to your image ALT tag and help improve your search engine rankings.

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