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how can you ensure that you’re engaging with accurate and reliable sources?The answer is simple: do your own research. Before believing anything you come across on social media, take a few moments.

When it comes to politics, the US is a country of stark divisions. With the 2020 election season upon us, many people are looking for ways to engage with like-minded individuals on social media. But when it comes to liberals, which social media platforms are the most popular?

Surprisingly, the top social media platform for liberals in the US is not the one you might expect. According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, only 4% of liberals use Twitter as their primary social media platform, making it the least popular among this demographic.

The most popular platform for liberals in the US is Facebook, with 47% of them using it as their primary social media platform. This is followed by YouTube (20%), Instagram (14%), and Reddit (9%). Interestingly, Snapchat is the only platform that has a higher usage rate among conservatives than liberals, with 14% of conservatives using it versus 8% of liberals.

The survey also found that liberals in the US are more likely to use social media to engage in political debates and discussions than conservatives. Specifically, 59% of liberals said they use social media to discuss politics and current events, compared to 51% of conservatives.

These findings suggest that while Twitter may be the go-to platform for political discussions, it’s not necessarily the most popular platform for liberals in the US. Instead, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit are the top social media platforms for this demographic.