Deep linking to buried content will improve website traffic

I think it’s always a great idea to include fresh content on your website, either by routinely updating the pages, or by including a timely blog but there’s also something to be said about deep linking to evergreen content on your website.

What is deep linking?

Deep linking is a fancy way to describe linking to content beyond the homepage of your website, in particular to blog posts and pages that may not receive a lot of traffic on your site but you want to push visitors towards.

In the case of evergreen articles (posts that are always fresh), it’s a great idea to link from your content to them in order to help add value to a post, or explain a complex concept to your audience. For example, when I mention a site specific plugin in a WordPress coding article, I always link to a tutorial article to help visitors who are new to the concept.

Remember, if you’re not willing to link to your own content … why should anybody else?

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