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With over 300 million users, Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. As such, it has also become a powerful tool for earning money online. Whether you’re a.

Make Money on Twitter with these 25 Twitter sized tips!

It’s fair to say that making money what a lot of people are looking to do, so how do you make money on twitter? Let’s take a look at 25 Twitter sized ideas that can help increase your revenue.

1. Sponsored tweets

Charge companies money to mention them in your tweets. Sponsors will pay by the follower and should see a measurable return on investment very quickly.

2. Teach people about Twitter

Send postcards to local businesses, marketing companies and business groups letting them know you’ll teach them too!

3. Create custom Twitter backgrounds

Many website companies are now offering custom Twitter packages as design incentives for clients. You can turn a fast buck making custom backgrounds

4. Affiliate links

Use the Twitter search tool to find people looking for items, and reply with your own affiliate links.

5. Twitter sales

Offer exclusive sales and other offers via Twitter. A good promotion can spread like wildfire through retweets and costs almost nothing

6. Help build accounts

Use your knowledge of Twitter to build other peoples Twitter accounts as a consultant and get paid by the follower.

7. Integrate Twitter with websites

Help setup company websites to automatically Twitter the latest sales, posts or news items or teach people how to put their Tweets on a site

8. Keep your eye on clients reputations online

Use Twitter to monitor the online reputation of your clients and alert them to dramatic shifts or reactions to their marketing efforts.

9. Keep your enemies closer

Track what your competitors are doing and react to their careless Twitter traffic. Follow their official account as well as key staff

10. Paid Tweeting

If you’re an interesting writer, Tweet from home and make a killing by offering businesses the ability to keep fans loyal with fresh Tweets

11. Build new apps with Twitter

The Twitter API allows for external software to do almost anything, take advantage and write a great new Twitter app to change the world.

12. Paid reviews

Have companies pay you to review their products on, some of the best Tweets I read are most paid placements from blogs, but they’re good

13. Find a job through Twitter

Finding work online is easy with tools like Twitter, people are always posting that they need something done, so keep your eye out for work.

14. Brand building

People need to hear a brand name at least three times before they recognize it. Help brand products for money on Twitter by talking about it

15. Market research

Find out what people want from a web website or product and ask around, search Twitter etc. to get the best ideas before you build it.

16. Fund raising

Ask for small donations to a cause or project to see how many people are willing to support it in the community.

17. Twitter reports

Help businesses understand how Twitter works, provide analytics and reports to business owners who need to understand the new tools.

18. Answer questions

Help people solve their problems by posting links to quality resources. You may find that you gain a new follower, friend or future client.

19. Promote your portfolio

Artists can post links to their new works, songs, portfolios etc. to keep rabid fans entertained and linked into their activities

20. Build Twitter for big companies

Build custom Twitter style sites for companies who want their own gateway to Twitter or want a private Twitter network for themselves

21. Run contests

Contests are a great way to promote a product or website, use Twitter to build a loyal following of contest hounds to make money

22. Recruiting tool for jobs

Companies pay money for referrals to help fill job vacancies, spend your day matching potentials seekers with companies who pay commissions

23. ReTweet great content

People are on Twitter to learn, so retweet other peoples great content and build your own follower base by being known for posting quality

24. Help reporters make news

Busy reporters need news sources, so help great writers make great news by using Twitter to find sources for stories, and get paid for it.

25. Remember the secrets of Me Marketing

It’s about them, not you. Remove their pain, solve their problems and fulfill their needs. In the end you’ll make friends and profits.