11 free tools online tools for small business marketing

Every business wants to increase their sales, right? Well here’s a list of eleven free online tools that can help make your business a superstar without costing you a penny.


I talk about WordPress on this website a lot. I mean, it’s practically all that I talk about but there’s a good reason for it. WordPress is awesome. It’s a free blogging tool that’ll let you put up a website in minutes, without hiring a web developer or paying a cent.



Free might be a stretch if you’re a big business but for small companies with a small mailing list (<12,000 emails a month) you’re not paying a penny but you’re getting an amazing marketing tool that’ll let you manage your mailing lists, send emails, remove deleted contacts, adhere to privacy rules, get past SPAM blockers (since it’s all legit) and reach your prospects/customers quickly. http://mailchimp.com Google In one of the ultimate Face palm inducing moments, I’m going to tell you that Google is free. Seriously … it’s free but most business owners don’t take the time to use it to even a fraction of it’s potential. So we’re going to look at a few of it’s free features for small business Google Webmaster Tools The ultimate collection of Google’s helpful tips and tricks, Webmaster Tools reviews your website and tells you what you need to improve to get better rankings. https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ Google Analytics The strongest web traffic analysis package available on the planet, and it’s free. Google Analytics will help you understand not only who is coming to your website (and how often) but also where they’re going, how many sales you’re losing, how to improve your pages, and what keywords people are finding you with. http://www.google.ca/analytics/ Google Places Another free service offered by Google, which will really put your business on the map … literally. Google Places for Business will add your business to the Google Map, allowing it to appear in search results, on maps etc. http://www.google.com/placesforbusiness/ Google+ I might not have a lot of faith in Google+ as a social network, but it does come with some great marketing benefits for small business owners and so I’m going to take a minute and list it here on my list of free tools for business. http://www.google.ca/services/ Google Trends The last Google freebie I’ll talk about is Google Trends, it’s a tool that’ll allow you to see what’s hot and trending on Google today as well as overtime. http://www.google.com/trends Facebook In the same vein as Google+, every business should take the time to create a Facebook profile for their company. It’s a fast, easy (and free) way to build a mailing list of loyal customers and offer incentives without needing significant technical resources. http://facebook.com Twitter If you’re not sure that Twitter is right for you, take a gander at which social networks are right for your business and reconsider. Twitter is a fast, easy way to get your message out to customers and an even easier way to get feedback from them. http://twitter.com Alexa Oh Alexa, how I hate you. Seriously, it says my website is popular among middle aged, under educated men … that’s not what I want to hear. On the other hand, it’s good to know and Alexa does a great job of letting you know all sorts of details about your website. http://alexa.com SpeedTest Last but not least, SpeedTest which might seem a little nerdy for the average business owner but speedtest is a little like bringing your car into the garage to have a mechanic look at it. Run your website through SpeedTest and find out how it’s performing against a series of tests. http://speedtest.net/

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